Wednesday, August 31, 2011

David Codrea's take on the new Wikileaks cable.

"Embassy cable: 'No way of verifying...numbers' of US guns in Mexico."


Anonymous said...

It was never about tracking guns. It was about destroying the constitution and bill of rights, again.

Robert Fowler said...

The media and the simpletons in the Brady bunch et al are the only ones that believe the 90% bullshit. The stockpile of guns in the Mexican governments possession is probably reaching a million. And 90% of those came from American gun stores? Give me a break. These lying bastards have one goal in mind, the complete destruction of the 2nd Amendment. That has been their one mission from the start. Every one from Obummer on down needs to be held accountable for the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least 2 federal agents. And with F&F guns turning up at more crime scenes on our side of the border, how many American deaths? Anything to further their agenda.

Dennis308 said...

Don't worry about facts,,,,
Shuuush, it's just Propaganda for the Masses.