Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dallas Field Division SAC Robert Champion sticks his foot in his mouth -- again -- and takes up the exculpatory cry: "The Zetas made us do it."

"OK, so the border states long-gun reporting requirement is just a stalking horse for nationwide firearms registration, but the Zetas made us do it."

"Plan Merida Focus to Shift to Border Region."

Dallas ATF special agent in charge Robert Champion traced today's horrifying levels of violence not to Calderon's deployment of the troops at the end of 2006, but to conflicts that broke out when the Zetas, former Mexican special forces soldiers turned enforcers for the Gulf Cartel, turned on the Gulf Cartel.

"That's the genesis of where the violence began," said Champion.

Since then, Champion said, gun running has evolved from being a solely a border issue to being an issue as far north of the border as Indianapolis, St. Paul, and Atlanta. (Emphasis supplied, MBV)

"We now have organized arms trafficking rings," he said, adding that some of them use teenagers to smuggle weapons with the serial numbers erased.

Noting that the number of high powered rifles being smuggled into Mexico has increased dramatically in recent years, Champion felt compelled to defend ATF's Operation Fast and Furious (Emphasis supplied, MBV), which has excited tremendous anger in Congress after it was found that guns smuggled in the operation ended up being used to kill a US Border Patrol agent and in at least two other killings in the US, as well as countless murders in Mexico. The operation was designed to track the weapons, which would lead to the cartels, but ATF lost track of many of them, effectively acting as an arms supplier for the cartels.


Anonymous said...

No, They lost track of ALL of them. Because the operation couldn't possibly have gotten them, the information that they were supposedly seeking. Therefore the reason that the operation was conducted, had nothing to do with the reasons that are given for conducting the operation. There were other reasons.

How many times do you have to say the word TREASON and TRAITORS, before the light bulb comes on ?

Anonymous said...

"We will proceed and we will succeed. We have no choice," [Brownfield ] said.

Narco dude Brownfield needs to be asked how FAR we will proceed and what success will look like. Will the Mexican body count double to 80,000? Will we proceed until the Second amendment is only a dim memory?

Jackasses like Brownfield are never outsmarted; they are only outgunned. With superior firepower, success shall be ours, at last! The only thing necessary for ultimate victory is an iron will and an endless source of revenue. ;^)

Brownfield may not see where all this is headed, but I imagine most everyone else can: we will continue with this failed policy because under socialism, nothing succeeds like failure.

We will proceed until all proceeds are exhausted.