Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Issa on Van Susteren: "Much Higher" than Melson.



WarriorClass III said...

The fact that there was NEVER ANY ATTEMPT to TRACK where these weapons went (other than into Mexico), tells us CLEARLY that it was never an INTENT of this program to TRACK ANYTHING but AMERICAN GUNS in MEXICO.

Therefore the only intent possible was to support the unsupportable claim that 90 % of the guns in Mexico came from American Gun Shows, so as to justify the unjustifiable restrictions on American Gun Rights.

This is TREASON. The Congressional investigation needs to be followed up with trials and hangings. Holder should be the first to swing.


Anonymous said...

I have come to gain some level of respect for Issa due to his persistent efforts to uncover the truth of this matter. For me to gain any respect for a congress-thing is saying a lot!

However, when he says things like, "we need a permanent director assigned to ATF", I just cringe. We need to end the reign of the ATF once and for all....yes, Mike, I understand your position that turning over the regulation of guns in this country to FBI or any other alphabet soup gang brings with it many perils. That thinking is like saying the devil you know is better than the one you don't. I simply can not accept that. Slay one demon and move to the next.

Second point, when Issa says that he wants to "work together jointly" with AG Holder, it makes me cringe again! These are the words of a politician who aims to appease rather than punish. Punishment is exactly what Holder deserves, indeed requires, if we are to have any faith in the system doing what is just and right....I lose faith when I hear words like the above.

Bottom line for me is that people, high up in the administration need to suffer the consequences of jail time and loss of pension to make a real impact so to send a message to any who may follow.


Anonymous said...

Somebody, probably several somebodys need to swing. But I forgot, the law is for the "little people" not for public servants who service the goverment's desires.

After all, if they did it, who would they get to do their dirty work? Who would they be able convince to work for them?

Dennis308 said...

Both Melson and Burke had superiors over them. These are the "ONES" that should be facing Prison Time and plenty of it. I still can't believe that Special Investigators and Prosecutors have not been assigned the Gun-Walker/Fast & Furious case. This smells like another step in the cover-up and SMELL is Overwhelming.


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