Sunday, August 21, 2011

More on "Larry, Moe & Curly" from CUATF on the "lateral transfers" of the Gunwalker criminals.

ATF agent "Corny" comments on the "lateral transfers."

The only job any of them should be allowed to hold at ATF until all the facts are out and their involvement is clear is licking stamps in the mail room or making sure Melson's stapler is loaded and his paperclips are properly organized by size and color.


Ashrak said...

They should be holding jobs preparing food for their fellow inmates.

Sedition said...

Their jobs should be designated dropped soap retrievers.

Anonymous said...

After preparing the food for their fellow inmates, their next task is to drop trousers and bend over to get their just rewards from all the inmates who want to give them some "input".

Dennis308 said...

They sould be given Dancing Lessons, at the end of a rope.