Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oath Keepers Offers to Assist in Peaceful Resolution of Charles Dyer Situation.


As you may know, Charles Dyer, known as "July4patriot" on Youtube, is now the subject of an FBI manhunt after failing to appear for trial in Oklahoma. News reports came in that he may be in the Sealy, Texas area, and now there are news reports stating that Charles Dyer may be in the area of Fort Bend County, Texas. Jay Stang, our Texas Vice President, lives in Sugar Land, which is in Fort Bend County.

Jay met Charles Dyer at the Oath Keepers rally on Lexington Green, April 19, 2009, and they became friends. They also happened to serve in the same unit in the Marine Corps, though not at the same time.

Because Charles Dyer may be in the Houston Texas area, Jay Stang has offered to serve as a go-between to help Charles surrender peacefully, so he can go to trial.

After coordinating with Oath Keepers national President, Stewart Rhodes and with Texas Chapter President, John Shirley ( a current serving Houston PD sergeant), Jay contacted Dyer's attorney, who agreed with the idea, and then contacted the FBI Houston Field Office to let the FBI know that Jay is willing to serve in that capacity, as a go-between.

We don't want to see anyone get hurt - either Charles or peace officers. We think the very safest way for Charles to turn himself in would be to go to a local police department, take off his shirt or even strip down to his skivvies, walk in and turn himself over to the desk sergeant, who is less likely to be amped up and on the trigger when compared to officers involved in the manhunt.

But if Charles Dyer contacts Jay, or if Jay is contacted by law enforcement, he is willing to help bring Charles Dyer in peacefully, whatever the circumstances.

Here is a message from Jay to Charles, in case Charles or someone with him reads this:

I met Charles at Lexington in April of 2009. He and I are friends. We are also fellow Marines and fellow sergeants. I want nothing more than to see a peaceful resolution to this situation, and will serve, if asked, as a go between to facilitate his safe return. I believe he is innocent of all the charges against him. Charles, if you get this message, please turn yourself in to the local police station. My main concern is for your safety.

We here at Oath Keepers don't want to see anyone hurt, and we hope that Charles Dyer will simply turn himself in, and face trial. We think he is innocent of the charges against him, and that he has a very good chance of prevailing at trial.


TL671 said...

Since when has a persons guilt, or innocence mattered to the outcome of a trial?

Bad Cyborg said...

OK, Mr. Dyer has a chance to survive turning himself in. Very good. But if I am not mistaken, he would then have to be extradited to Stephens County. I would be very surprised if, some time in the 400 odd mile trip he wasn't "shot while attempting to escape".

"The Only Ones" in Oklahoma have a REAL hard on to "get" Mr Dyer and I see no reason to expect them to waste such a golden opportunity to rid themselves of him.

thebackcourse said...

It's sad that people feel this is their only course of action, but frankly I completely understand it. our justice system is a joke. and a guy in his position doesn't really stand a chance against the system. It's terrible the things that are allowed to go on because of the sacred cows in this country. White men have no rights.

Anonymous said...

In Amerika....being innocent doesn't mean you don't get convicted.

If you're of the persuasion of "live free or die".....and you don't think you'll get a fair shake in court (and really, who thinks Dyer is going to in this instance, especially now that they'll slam him with an evasion charge REGARDLESS of whether or not they convict him on the weapons/child rape stuff?)......What is the point of doing anything but trying to disappear out of the country or fighting it out til your last breath?

No point, from where I sit.

God speed Dyer.

Anonymous said...

What's a "peace officer"??? I have met a LOT of law (whether constitutional or not) enforcement officers. I think I remember peace officers back in the 60's but they were a vanishing breed even then...

oldsmobile98 said...

If Charles Dyer thought he had a "very good chance" of getting a fair trial, he wouldn't be doing what he is doing. The first page of his email enumerates the ways the judicial system has betrayed him.

Rather than asking him to come home now, with no changes, I want to see the Oath Keepers demand investigation into Charles Dyer's claims about his wife, the judge, and the FBI. In addition, we need to know who really burned his house down and why.

If those things are truly investigated, then Charles Dyer will come home.

bitter clinging Texan said...

Good luck charles............he has a lot of support from a lot of people
I bump the old classic "100 miles and runnin" by NWA in dedication to j4p every evening

The Trainer said...

I know I'm echoing an existing comment, but nevertheless, if I were Dyer, and I'm not, I'd be asking myself the same question I've seen posed here from time to time...."Do I have a chance at a fair trial?"

If I couldn't objectively and emphatically answer "Yes!", what would be the incentive of 'turning myself in'?

None. Lamb to the slaughter. To this point, in no case has Dyer 'aggressed' any person or LEO. The FBI has basically ordered him shot if he makes the smallest of mistakes during his surrender or apprehension.

Hopefully, some adult supervision will be applied, his case investigated, the 'man hunt' get ratcheted down, and they'll leave him alone until such time, if any, that they actually can get to the facts involved.

Dyer is a test case, I'm betting. Soon as they can possibly get something that merits national news demonization, that'll be the 'go code' (notice how it's still 'local' news?).

If they can kill him, as he's associated with both the Militia and the OK's, they've got both organizations by the balls.....and know that there's a good chance nobody will ever resist what is done to them....no matter the cause.

My .02

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers? Didn't they distance themselves from Dyer like he had the plague the minute charges were filed against him?

Best of luck to the man. It seems warnings have gone out that he is armed and dangerous, which translates to "terminate with extreme predjudice".

Jay Stang said...


What you want is what needs to happen, but it definitely won't until everything settles down. Charles has been found innocent of everything so far.

When he is found innocent of this latest cluster, then we can start fighting back at the judge, sheriff and prosecutor. Guys like this don't fight so hard to get one guy unless they have something to hide, just like Michael Nifong.

TPaine said...

Those who are begging Dyer to turn himself in are trying to convince him to commit suicide. The only very slight chance he has is to go to a lawyer somewhere who will be with him when he surrenders.

Personally, I think Sgt. Dyer knows there is nothing left to lose here. He will not get justice from these jack-boots. His family will never see him again IF he survives the arrest - he will be tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

But Dyer has taken a stand, and he is walking the walk and talking the talk. How about the rest of us? "Live free or die" is a regal concept, and at least one other man has become an American icon by stating, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

God be with you, Sgt. Dyer. And stand true to your convictions.

FG said...

It's not my quote, but it's a darn good one:

"The time is fast approaching when you'll know that a man is honorable simply because he has outstanding warrants."

Mark Matis said...

It may be time if the foul swill murder this man as well...

Anonymous said...

This looks suspiciously like Randy Weaver, Act II.

The fedgov/FBI evidently did not profit from that lesson. Like the Bourbon kings of France, "they remembered everything and learned nothing."

These are truly pre-revolutionary times. :^(


Mene mene tekel parsin said...

J4P must consider his daughter. It would be best to live as "this too shall pass" even if it's twenty years hence when he breathes free air again.

If he's going out in that proverbial blaze ... his girl will never learn the truth.

Tough spot. Some old VN vet should have taken this grenade for him.


Dave said...

The Oathkeepers' statement sounds incredibly naive. One would expect something more solid from them. For example, something indicating in-depth knowledge of the case based on research and a specific plan of action to deal with the corruption surrounding this case. Simply saying, "We're your friends. Just go along with the nice federal agents" ain't going to cut it. This is a really surprising and disturbing statement from Oathkeepers.

Dave said...

I was suspicious that this statement was even legitimate, considering that the Oath Keepers, of all people, should be aware of the state of our legal system, so I looked at it on the Oath Keepers website. The posting has some interesting comments.


Dave said...

PS - Sorry Mike, I didn't mean to question your research but the link you gave didn't seem to go directly to the Oath Keepers' website. No offense intended.

8088 Chip said...

It seems that I remember Bo Gritz offering to do the same thing with whom? Randy Weaver? Be it Gritz or Oath Keepers, what does this accomplish? I can't keep up with everything. The Dyer story I do not fully know. One man against the State. Its an old story, and the stories usually have the same ending.

Tvarisch said...

Play by the rules and lose every time. The system is absolutely corrupt, and anyone who insists we work within it is naive at best. Dyer will soon be a martyr, one way or another. He would have been better off dying a hero's death, and taking a few of the nazi bastards with him, but as it is, he'll be spir down like a dog by the fascist scum.

Anonymous said...

My position:

He should turn himself in to the local militia, and the militia should, while openly armed hand him over the the police at a designated time and place.

The police need to know they have a crosshair on them at all times. There's not going to be any "funny stuff".

Mark Matis said...

I expect nothing more from the Oath Keepers. As I have said before, 99% of "Law Enforcement" give the other 1% a bad name. The stench is overwhelming.

Hefferman said...

The thugs in the local and fed Gestapo unit have threatened his life and the lives of his family.
When Charles beat the other false charges, they came at him again.
They then came at him again with zero evidence of any wrong. That trail fell apart on the thugs, so they came at him again.
It is clear Charles will not get justice, and if they get a chance the thugs, hiding behind the color of law, will kill him.
Screw the Oath Keepers, they showed the yellow streak running down their back when they ran from Charles, because he wanted to train American so they would stand a better chance if things go south.
Now the Oath Keeprs are trying to cover the wet stain on the front of their trousers, by asking him to turn himself in.
If Charles gets this news, I will support you fellow Marine. I will help you however I can.
I will help Charles to escape and live free, However I can.

Ed Foster
5287 KY Hwy 39 south
Crab Orchard, KY 40419

Semper Fi, Marine and Patriot, Semper Fi

J. Croft said...

Well, Stew Rhodes knows if hypothetically he were to offer sanctuary to Dyer, his 501c3 status will go up in flames like Dyer's trailer.

Dyer's only hope is to find friendlies. That's it. Don't know what his plans are and I will not speculate.

What we CAN do is to contribute to the Dyer family to save their family farm from being seized to satisfy the bond note. Their address:

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok

Also, we can come together in support of July4Patriot-Dyerfest:


Anonymous said...

"He should turn himself in to the local militia, and the militia should, while openly armed hand him over the the police at a designated time and place."

I fully agree with this suggestion. Who can best arrange it?


bitter clinging Texan said...

While I have noting but the utmost respect for Mr Stewart and the rest of the Oath Keepers, with regards to the plea for J4P to turn himself in, I must respectfully say FUCK THAT. I would rather he keep runnin and runnin till he gets to a non-extraditable county and and give a big fuck you to the beast. I would rather him be the III% version of Assata Shakur than the III% version of Lenaord Peltier or Malcolm X

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That's it.

Turn yourself in.

Step into the cattle car.

There's no doubt Charles made up his mind already.

So-called "patriots" should be supporting him, not calling for him to surrender and spend most of the rest of his life in prison.

I guess, when it's all said and done, most people out there would rather see a man submit than live in defiance.

That is exactly why this nation will become a marxist hellhole.

The spirit of resistance is largely dead.


W W Woodward said...

If Sgt. Dyer does choose to surrender, he needs to arrange his surrender through an attorney, in the attorney's' presence, and in front of several disinterested witnesses.

This entire child abuse thing looks to me to be the fabrication of a vengeful ex-wife who is being assisted by a state child "protective" agency employee(s) who is out to get the "evil male". Of course, I could be wrong, but I have seen that scenario before upon numerous occasions.


SNAFU said...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


"Charles Dyer on FBI's 'Most Wanted' list - KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7"

He is being put up in the top 10.....

Something is Seriously fishy here here, since when does this kind of thing rate the FBI's 10 most Wanted???

and like J Croft said, doesn't matter if you think SGT Dyer is guilty or Innocent, help his family out, they are on the verge of loosing their home, even if all you can do is send $1, then $1 is more than $0, and $1's can add up in a hurry if many are sent.

you can send it to.

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok

If you are concerned that you will be tracked down and harassed for it, then put the return address the same as the delivery address, then it is also double sure to get there.

Anonymous said...

Dyer was just arrested in Richmond tx

Anonymous said...

Dyer was arrested in Richmond Texas on on Farmers Road at 8:30 am today. FBI had been in our neighborhood since yesterday as he was spotted along the brazos river.

Anonymous said...

See www.kprc.com for info on dyer's arrest. Conference scheduled for 11am with fort bend sheriff's office for info on arrest