Wednesday, September 14, 2011

David Codrea: Demand Republican presidential contenders take a stand on ‘Gunwalker’

The 2011 Field of GOP Presidential Candidates.

No, wait, THOSE are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. THESE are the GOP presidential candidates:

Well, there IS a resemblance . . .

Anyway, David wants you to pin them to the wall on the Gunwalker Scandal. Damn right.

Go, read, do.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul made a statement all the way back in June.

FSHB - FaradayShieldedHeadgearBrigade said...

I wrote to Senator Paul and Mitt Romney asking them to bring it up as a topic and linking the article. I can't stand the others enough to send it to them. (I had to hold my nose to contact Mitt, I do see him as most likely candidate)

Dave said...

Great idea. May I mention that Gun Owners of America recently asked its members to contact the candidates to encourage them to respond to the GOA questionnaire, which includes this very question.

The point here is, the candidates have been asked and unless I'm unaware, not addressed the issue. (I'm assuming they haven't responded or David Codrea would not be asking.) So it is absolutely crucial to put more pressure on them to state a position on this issue.

Anonymous said...

You go ahead and vote for Romney if you want but there are many better candidate that him. I don't agree with some of Paul's positions but he would in my judgment be a better choice by far!

Romney did himself by his RINO acts which everyone is now pointing out. I may just have to vote for Dr. Paul this time because I really don't want to loose this thing for my kids. If not then I only see one possible course of action left and that may already be a foregone conclusion anyway.

CowboyDan said...

Done. Sent emails to all the candidates.

David Codrea said...

Anon @ 6:42: Paul's statement was general in support of Issa's hearings. This call for an independent counsel is a new front that is needed, especially with Issa saying his goal is to see it doesn't happen again, as opposed to making the criminals pay.

FSHB: Don’t let your distaste for any of them dissuade you from doing this—the point here is to get a public position, as well as to pressure a reluctant mass media to amplify our voices and help generate public awareness in spite of their inherent reluctance.

Dave: The GOA questionnaire is also generic--I'm assuming you are basing your comment on the title of my article as opposed to its specific recommendations.

Second Anon: Let's ask Romney anyway, as well as the other candidates. If he doesn't respond, it will be another strike against him.

Cowboy Dan: Thank you. I hope everyone else here follows your example. This ain't gonna get done unless we make it happen. It's been that way for Mike and me since Day One. The media isn't interested and we just can't do it alone.

Dave said...

David Codrea, you are right, there's a big difference between merely expressing disapproval and committing to pursue prosecution and punishment. The People have a duty to demand justice in this case.

Even Ron Paul's statement is weak. I don't want to mischaracterize him, but from what I've observed he's great at standing up AGAINST things, but it's time to stand up FOR something! As a Constitutionalist, Paul well knows the Constitution does in fact address the crime of treason. What was not said is more telling than what was said. Nothing less than a commitment to pursue justice is acceptable.

The fact that not one of the candidates has already made this a major platform issue should tell us something.

Anonymous said...


FSHB - FaradayShieldedHeadgearBrigade said...

Alright, I contacted the rest of the candidates, even though I generally despise the lot of them aside from Sen. Paul.

This is a representative sample of what I said:

Dear Candidate _________, I am asking you to bring up the 'Gunrunner' scandal as a campaign issue - we the people of the USA want justice and accountability for the illegal actions of a corrupt administration.