Monday, September 7, 2015

Invasion. "Without borders in Europe, there is no hope of ending this migrant crisis."

The principle of free movement cannot withstand this influx of refugees and the criminal efforts of people traffickers.
See also: What’s all the fuss about Germany? Refugees arriving in Austria don’t want to stay and would prefer to go on to Germany. Many of the reasons have to do more with myths than reality, reports Alison Langley from Vienna.
A source in Germany who forwarded the link above added this:
Germany is the land of handouts. More people coming to exploit the land and people, not to assimilate. Sound familiar? If you don't think that this shit will not cause serious divides in the future, than look to Kosovo.
The question should be, why so many and why now? With droves of mainly healthy, good mature military age men coming through, how could this not be an invasion?
Perhaps that us the end game for the Caliphate/Russia. Tie up Europe in a invasion/civil war to further isolate the US. What the Eurolovers in the States and the socialists in Europe do not understand is that it is Western Judeo-Christian ideals that are under attack. Our fates are tied together whether we like it or not.
While we are wrapped around talking about a 65 year old has-been athlete chopping his dick off, the enemy marches through the gates. Who knows, maybe this is a goodness thing. A good bleeding is healthy and we sure have not seen that in a very long time. Societal malaise can only last for so long until the society is gobbled up by a stronger one. In that case it either grabs its nuts and growls or dies a natural death.

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