Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Seeking justice for Brian Terry

By whistleblower John Dodson.


Anonymous said...

Great start, lots of open admissions, difficult admissions, that folks like me are called "anti-cop" for pointing out.
One bone to pick though- this would have been a perfect game, a 300, a no hitter, a shutout, a knock out, except for "protect and serve" bovine excrement.

Sir, I have great respect for the things you have faced and endured, I especially congratulate your courage to say the things you did about becoming that what you aim to oppose. Huge hammer, huge nail! But in that light, it must also be admitted that law enforcement isn't and never was about protecting and serving people. Part of healing, part of fixing this broken system is admitting that lie, disposing of that myth itself and putting straight truth in its place.

Our Declaration of Independence tells us flatly why governments are instituted among men. Protecting and serving people isn't part of that announcement. Government then is not constituted to the protect and serve dogma. Secure the blessings of Liberty, Sir. How about just adopting that premise as a means of doing exactly what you said earlier in your very good piece - as a means of rebuilding broken trust, as a method of getting back on track and absolutely as a sure fire way to decouple LEO as a group of individuals from the nefarious abuse by corrupt politicians.

Secure the blessings of Liberty. Start there. As it was in the beginning, so it can be, so it must be, again, for the rest of your well written message to come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment by the first responder.

Longbow said...

No sympathy for you, Dodson. Why weren't you saying these things twenty years ago? The agency you love and revere has been doing things like this since its inception. Fast and Furious was only the most brazen. The very things you decry now, you witnessed at Waco (or any incident from the litany) and yet you said nothing. If Brian Terry had been a mere mortal and not a Federal Employee, this incident would never have made the news. F&F would have continued apace. Men just like you in ATF would have done what they have always done; hide the truth, lie, obfuscate, advance the agenda.

Dodson, read here,

Then look in the damned miror.

Mike, I don't mean just to toot my own horn here, but I have said it before and I don't think I can can say it any better.

Anonymous said...

Longbow, do you think it possible that he did look in the mirror and that's part of why he has done what he has done, including writing this letter? I would caution you to this salient point - if redemption is not possible, why would anyone have any incentive to seek it out by admitting past errors wrongs and even possible evil doings? Now, I don't know the man and I certainly cannot speak to the content of his soul, but what is the consequence of refusing even the redemption of achnowledging a person who has been part of some wrong doing coming forward to admit that wrongdoing? I believe telling the truth is worthy of praise, not derision and belittling spite.

Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver. And I suggest that when talking about glass in the mirror you might want to think about rocks and houses. I agree it is ligitimate to hold people accountable for their actions, tell the truth about their doings and assign due responsibility and blame and even consequence, but it is a cold and bitter heart that refuses to acknowledge good deeds done by those who have done other wrongs.

I hear ya brother, really I do but please consider this a soul burdened by revenge and absent forgiveness is doomed to an eternity in chaos. Some things are indeed unforgivable, but one who commits a unforgivable act can still do great deeds too.

I despise the things the NRA has done, and frankly I think the leaders of the Fudds who know full well what they are doing are quite evil individuals - furthermore that they have destroyed a institution on the credibility level - but it sure doesn't mean I despise and shun and hate every NRA member just because they are or were a NRA member. See what I am saying?

Some people really do "come to their senses" and I submit to you that while we ought not forget dirty deeds done, we should help folks seek redemption who truly seek it.

Longbow said...


I agree with you in principle.

Dodson has repeatedly made statements that he loves and reveres the ATF. He believes it is a wonderful agency with an important mission.

Quote from you, " I would caution you to this salient point - if redemption is not possible, why would anyone have any incentive to seek it out by admitting past errors wrongs and even possible evil doings?"

Perhaps he has said that he regrets enforcing the National Firearms Act against the American people. I haven't heard him say it pubicly. Perhaps he has said that he regrets using the Gun Control Act to screw over dealers who had no criminal intent, and honest gun owners who bought and sold a few guns as a hobby (or even watching his brethren do it and remaining silent). Perhaps he regrets watching his brethren raid people's homes, terorize families, stomp on kittens, cause pregnant women to miscarry their babies, etc... I haven't heard him say it. I have never heard him admit his agency precipitated Waco due to their initial conniving and ultimate blundering. A man with a conscience would have been sickened and quit doing the job after such and event, instead of helping perpetuate the lie by his complicit silence.

You might call me cynical in this regard, but I will say it again; if Brian Terry had not been a Federal Agent, F&F would not have been made public. The program would have continued, ATF employees would have kept quiet about what they knew (as they always do), the smuggling of guns to the Mexican Gangs would have continued, and the political cry of "guns being soured to American gun dealers" would still resound today.

Do I believe in Forgiveness and Redemption? I absolutely do!

Forgiveness and redemption require an acknowledgment of one's past. By the same token, no forgiveness is required if one can't be wrong.