Saturday, September 26, 2015

More on elite's reaction to Boehner's departure. They're scared, poor babies.

"The Post-Boehner Congress and Washington’s Sense of Dread."


Lao Shi said...

Hard to imagine one person, to wit, Boehner, anywhere in the government who has not sold his soul to Satan. If there were one, they would stand up for Jesus and no one is doing that. That includes the presidential hopefuls. Why in heaven's name would anyone want to be president to live in glory for a few years at best and suffer weeping and gnashing of teeth for eternity. That should be the dictionary definition of "short-sightedness". I guess its a similar disease to what infests the geoengineering psychopaths who crap in their own nest. My dogs on the farm have better manners than that.

Anonymous said...

With Boehner (RINO) and his predeaser Pelosi (D)the next incumbent will have to be pretty rotten to be any worse ... though anything is possible in DC ...


Galaxie_Man said...

Once again getting my hopes up (like in 2010 and again in 2014) to have them dashed by the disease that is establishment D.C.

alanstorm said...

"They're scared, poor babies. "

Not seeing the problem here.

Nemesis said...

Interesting times ahead in Washington and for the country. Let us all pray that the next speaker has enough resolve to carry out what is now being pushed.

To Lao Shi: Hubris reigns supreme amongst the power hunger to the extent that they even believe in their own stupidity.

Informed42 said...

While watching and listening to Boehner (Boner) the pecker head yesterday, I couldn't help but note that all of his references to Congress and the government,
were about 'the institution' and his 'comrades' there.

So, he doesn't want to hurt 'the institution' or his 'comrades' in it. He never said a word about his and their failures in representing the American people, or doing anything in their best interests. That just proved to me that he's a corrupt,
self-serving piece of shit like damn near all the rest of them, and has been sucking the public teat for 30+ years instead of ever getting and honest, real job.

Anonymous said...

"They,re scared, poor babies!"

As well they should be!

"He never said a word about his and their failures in representing the American people, or doing anything in their best interests."

It hasn't been about the American people or their best interest in a very long while. Not in our lifetimes anyway. Listen to the Pols, read the press. It's about playing the game, keeping score, counting coup. When was the last time you read a newspaper article about proposal X being good or bad for the America people? It's always about whether or not its good for this Pol or that, this party or that. Never about us.

Now, it just might be different. It just might be changing. If we can keep the American People focused. At least until the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

Anonymous said...

String them up, burn it down ! LOL ! No faith that the next cock on the block .Will serve the American people with integrity. As there is neither integrity ,nor love of country. In that cesspool of the District of Criminals. That cancer needs to be exorcised. For 100yrs,being a Constitutional Republic has been a bold faced lie. Face it .The political class laughs @ "We the People". They vote for the interests of their multinational banker masters. I know been writing, calling these money grubbing congress critters for 40 yrs! To no avail! Sadly the American people. Love the yoke of democratic slavery .Most so called friends and family members haven't got a clue. They are truly disgusting,blind, goyium , sheeple, and lemmings. The pox on all of them. Behind enemy lines,Ct. I will never stand down. Nor comply. AAA/O. 11B20.