Monday, September 28, 2015

What The Hell Is An Angry Conservative Supposed To Do?

"Something is going to end up a smoldering ruin. Maybe it will be the whole country. Maybe it’ll just be the elite-run GOP. Hopefully it will be whatever painfully white, elderly, socialist creep the Democrats nominate. But regardless, I’m one of those many people who is so angry he just wants to see something burn."


Sean said...

Not a single one of them is worth shit.

Anonymous said...

This pissed off redneck reporting for duty.
Have matches will travel.

Anonymous said...

Me too, Mike. Looks like they are replacing Boner with a California Republican. I would much rather see a Texas Republican replace him.

Anonymous said...

Most people I know are angry. Really Angry. It seems that every election cycle more and more of our rights are being taken away and in some cases being given to non citizens. It dosent seem to matter if either a democrat or republican is elected. What can we do? Tried voting, Tried organizing people, Tried not buying from companies that supported Bad Ideas or bad politicians. Again I ask, What can we do?

PO'd American said...

This guy sounds like me.....until his last sentence about Fiorina. She's a waste of skin too.

PO'd American said...

Didn't mean to state that Fiorina was totally without merit....I would pay to watch a UFC cage match between her and the Hildabeast. Bet others would too.

Informed42 said...

Pretty much tells the story as I see it too, and I'd like to see a number of the
Republican wannabes just go away too. They're a real waste of TV time and are only
in the news constantly because CNN and Fox need to fill dead time with continual repeats and reruns of their video snippets of these clowns. And with Hillary the hog tossed in periodically, it gets old very fast.

I think it boils down to Trump being the best possible choice, and I think he will try and do everything he says he will. None of the insiders would do anything more than roll over and kiss the asses they've always kissed, and accomplish jack shit.
Same circus, same clowns, and all lining their own pockets selling out our country.

FedUp said...

The author seems to believe that putting an (R) in the White House is the most important thing. I think getting rid of the Repugnant Party once and for all is more important.

The TEA Party was a failed attempt at converting the GOP into a conservative/constitutionalist party. Having failed at that, it's time to just kill the GOP and start over.

Anonymous said...

A member of the GOP complaining...classic.

oughtsix said...

Even this tow hall hack can't find much to like about any of the so called "conservative" candidates

No surprise there, I can't either.

We are not voting our way outta here in any event.

Anonymous said...

That guy must have missed Fiorina cooing over Cap and Trade, and her insistence that John McCain would use it to revive America's economy. Maybe he overlooks Fiorina's involvement with the Clinton Foundation (as recently as last year). Maybe he missed her post-9/11 speech where Fiorina gushed with praise for the form of advanced civilization that once existed in the from of the Ottoman Empire's Caliphate. Or how about her unprompted praise, during her 2010 Senate campaign, for the work Jesse Jackson does to bring us all together?

Maybe he missed these, but I didn't.

Carly Fiorina's one severely dangerous entity.