Monday, September 28, 2015

David Codrea: "Who Speaks for Oath Keepers?"

If I have occasion to speak to the media, as I do on a regular basis with talk radio and other venues, I do so as an individual, not as an Oath Keepers spokesman. To present myself in any other way would be inappropriate unless the board specifically asked me to field a statement, and unless that statement adhered to deliberated and approved positions. There’s no shortage of people who would love to discredit Oath Keepers, because the group presents obstacles to their agenda of accumulating power at the expense of rights. We need to keep that in mind when interacting with the media and the public, and in how we conduct ourselves, especially while attending Oath Keepers functions or wearing articles of clothing with the Oath Keepers insignia. And we need to be careful to make it clear when we’re speaking on behalf of the organization, such as while participating in directed operations and outreach efforts, and when we’re speaking solely for ourselves. It’s just this simple: You don’t commit someone else to your priorities without their OK.


Anonymous said...

Is it not true that the NRA claims for itself the ability to speak for all Americans regarding gun rights themselves? Is this not especially true when they make legislative deals at the expense of those rights?

David makes a salient and succinct point, an undeniable point I would add.
Another thing I will add? Yeah, that point works both ways.

While I employed the NRA there to make the point, the same would true for OathKeepers. I would argue that OathKeepers actually understand and respect this double edged sword, but the NRA.....not so much. Couldn't make the point with OathKeepers hence.

Anonymous said...

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