Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some Vets Demand ‘Gun Control’ in Spite of Oath

Just because you once served does not give you a right to betray your oath.


Anonymous said...

Just because someone served doesn't mean they aren't a collectivist POS either..Next he'll be appearing on MSNBC

Sean said...

Some vets are pieces of shit, and were pieces of shit when they were in the military. I ought to know. I bounced about forty of them clear out of the Army, and back home to mama. Being a veteran means that you are POSSIBLY of some worth, to be determined when you open your mouth, and roll up your sleeves. All men and women, vet or not, are only as good as their last moment. Every day, you get up, and take a bite of that shit sandwich (do the right thing) or you become one.