Friday, September 18, 2015

"George Patton" asks: "Do We Really Need a III Emperor?"

Good question, at least.


TRex said...

No, we don't need an III Emperor.
But we might need Generals, and not too many of them.

When bad things happen, like the BLM arriving at the Bundy Ranch or a state passing a patently unconstitutional law, there needs to be swift, and overwhelming, response. Anything less risks a catastrophic failure of deterrence that could lead to massive bloodshed.

Could you imagine the tragedy
that would probably have occurred,
had only 200 shown at the Bundy Ranch,
and the BLM decided they felt froggy?

We have Oathkeepers, and various militia, and organizations like GOA (I haven't thought this through, so I am probably missing a few facets), but we need to tie them all together, somewhere. Patton mentions " Washington had all sorts of logistical and camp followers in support of his Army." But that is just my point. They had a General Washington to follow.

Anonymous said...

leaders lead by example and the example set by K is one thing and by MV another.

MV is a leader that I can and am following because of his example, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Leaders aren't convicted (Judged by their peers) criminals.