Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Compounding tragedy and loss by mistaking its source. The Law of Unintended Consequences teaches another lesson.

"We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer."


Cederq said...

They knew the risks and yet still proceeded with the trial. typical liberal logic and now are whining about having to pay the attorney fee. I am sure their attorneys understood this could happen. I have no sympathy for them nor any left for their daughter. I hops their trailer breaks an axle every 100 miles when they are out exploiting their daughter.

Anonymous said...

Four pages of drivel to whine about losing a suit which should never hav been brought to start with. Yup I'll cry Deeees much for you.(NOT!)

Anonymous said...

Brady Lawyer to liberal none thinking types, Sue them because of XXXXX no way you will lose this case in today's environment! Same thing happened to dumb folks down the road. She slips an falls working at Walmart, Lawyer says your going to be rich, they go deep on a new home (old one paid for)on the water, while case is moving thru the court, new home is done, big with all toys. Case is thrown out of court do to wally having video that even their lawyer seen back when. Long short, they now have to rent lost it all and their lawyer is still trying to collect from them. Ron White was right, Ya can't fix stupid!

Anonymous said...

Should have clear that HUFF and puff magazine gets ZERO sympathy from me over their stupidity of bringing a suit which HS no foundation.

Anonymous said...

There is a cost to being stupid. If you use the law like a weapon, then, like any weapon, you can injure yourself by it. No law was broken by Luckygunner, and you and your ilk were the ones after blood money. And you suggest that I'm supposed to feel pity that you "... do not have the money to pay this amount." after using lawfare to attack a business into Chapter 11. You have the chuzpah to bemoan laws that protect against such antics "... are an attack on our civil liberties." Well, a hearty F#<k you for attacking my 2A rights.

If I was a nicer person, I would not be in such a blissful state enjoying schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

Karma can be a real b***h, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

"We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter, we were used like pawns by the rights grabbing lobbyists and Now we are left holding the bag, owing $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer."

The consequences weren't so unintended. Deciding that requires establishing perspective. Those who urged them to sue, those who helped them sue, those who goaded them to sue, all knew full well that a suit was going no where. They all knew that these people would be heartbroken after being denied and that they would be left holding the bill at the end.

None of them cared one bit. They wanted to set up the failure, execute the failure and then decry the failure as some form of injustice that requires a remedy, a government imposed remedy.

Sometimes life's harshest lessons can be seen coming a mile away, but some people are just too willfully blind that they refuse to see what is right before them. As for folks experiencing pain of loss, it is quite grotesque of those political game players to pray upon them as they did, set them up as they did.

Evil exists, that is for sure. As in this case, it hides in plain sight....
Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

I haven't an ounce of sympathy for those people. They are authoritarian scumbags - asserting that Lucky Gunner has a responsibility to control their customers. Typical meddling libtard scum who do not understand life or reality or freedom or personal responsibility. Let this be a lesson to all the rest of the meddling busybody IDIOTS who lack the ability or desire to deal with life as adults instead of like slobbering bedwetting children who need to be coddled and protected from every form of reality. Screw them.

Jerry The Geek said...

Yes, I saw and read that article yesterday and went: "Hmmmmmm "

The story is the those-whose-name-cannot-be-mentioned ( Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence ) promised to support the victims in their suit, and when it was thrown out of court (because it was a "frivolous" suit), those of us who are not anti-gun went "WHOOPIE! The Anti-Gun Axis of EEEVIL will have to pay big-time!"

Who knew that they would bail out and leave the victims with the bill. It's like inviting a nice couple out to dinner at a great restaurant, then excusing yourself to the bathroom after the post-prandial libation ... and never coming back to the table.

In a word, Brady stuck Lonnie and Sandy Phillips with the penalty fees, and never looked back.

Heartless Bastards!

Pretty nasty way to treat your latest Victim Of The Day. And nobody can help being affected by the story.

The Villains, however, have incurred some serious Bad Karma.

The next time they try to use a victim's family to further their political goals, those folks might be a bit more cautious about accepting their help ... if "help" is the right word.

Not Me said...

Fact- The person who committed this horrible crime is the only one who is responsible for his actions. (Unless you can PROVE what I suspect- that this was another government-directed false-flag operation planned and carried out in an attempt to undermine and destroy the 2nd Amendment.) Failing that, put the blame where it belongs- on the criminal who did it.

Anonymous said...

The sooner these dipwads pay up, the quicker AzCDL gets their 8large to fight Bloomturd!

Pay up, fools!

Tom 762

Anonymous said...

After leading this family into filing the lawsuit, the Brady folks aren't stepping up to pay what the court demands?

Bloomberg's got money. Maybe he should write a check.

They knew what they were getting into. They admit they knew the risk.

A verdict like this may be necessary to stop other frivolous suits.

I guess this family's on the hook for the judgment. I don't see fellow gun grabbers passing a hat to help out here. Someday these folks may realize how badly they were played as pawns.

Anonymous said...

"Steel Jacketed bullets" ??? BS!!!!!!
Honestly, i stopped reading there Propaganda there.
This stories Mentality says, Every Company is Held Responsible how there product is used, OR Miss used.
Crush a skull with a sony tv, sony is liable
Use a Estwing Hammer to kill some one, Estwing is Liable
Funny, the barrender can be held responsible but the Distiller isnt.
How bout a U.S. Govt issued ID used to slit someones throat?
The Courts , Lawyers and Politicians are Full to the eye's and Mouth of HS!!!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea -
An enterprising benefactor ought to take this family aside, on a long three day weekend.... Something of a "enjoy this pampering for the weekend in exchange for listening to our ales pitch" kind of offering.

Once there, first sit them down and explain to them everything that happened from start to finish, then explain to them it is the gun control agenda that poisoned the well, that anti personal responsibility collectivist agenda that brought them their grief. Take them shooting after having several people who's lives were directly saved because guns were in the mix - preferably from a Constitutional Carry state.

Then ask them a legal page worth of pointed questions. When answered legitimately make this pitch -
Folks, we know you were used, egged on by people who didn't give a rip about your pain...people and organizations that only wanted to use you to further their own political agenda. We want to make it right and are willing to prove it if you are willing to punish those who directly and purposefully abused you. We will be your pro bono legal council in suing those who abused you, for both the monies they left you hanging with plus punitive damages. If we win such an undertaking, we ask you for nothing but a public thank you- every dime of punitive damages is yours to keep to do with as you please. If we are unsuccessful, so be it... We will eat the money you were left to pay yourselves. We will assume those debts ourselves, leaving you in peace.

Talk about a PR coup - and one totally genuine and heartfelt. One built on truth and justice and fair play. All with a possible serious hit to the pocketbooks of the lying cheating abusers from the Brady bunch to bloomy himself.

Anonymous said...

Yup, they should ask Bloomberg and left-wing outlets like MSNBC to foot the bill, as they probably put them up to the court action..

Anonymous said...

Darwinism at work..Too bad his theory was always correct...When people this stupid cannot survive in their own environment, nature has a way of getting useless resources consumers OUT OF THE WAY...

Do i have any Sympathy/Empathy? Nope, not even a thought of it...ZERO. Good fucking riddance and too bad the fools with money are too stupid to keep it...Surely they can be sued for false litigation and defamation of character for their attempt...One could only wish i suppose. One should never seek to profit on the death of another, but when family seeks to do so, they end up just being buzzards circling the corpse..

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

FedUp said...

We sued an innocent merchant, and all we got was this t-shirt (and a huge bill for attorney fees). (oh, yeah, and a job with a charitable trust working diligently to destroy civil rights)

Gregg Kemp said...

I'm not sure if they applied for the Victim Relief Fund" - money collected by the community after the shooting, and was dispersed to the tune of $220,000 per claimant - but if they did (why shouldn't they?) what happened to it?

And BTW, FUCK'EM, your loss doesn't trump my 2nd.

Sean said...

I suffered a loss, from my own stupidity and arrogance, therefor, somebody must pay. Justice happens when the stupid and arrogant wind up paying.

Anonymous said...

The yelp of a whipped cur.

Robert Fowler said...

I'm sorry they lost their daughter. That's as far as my sympathy goes.

Lonnie has a job,

Lonnie Phillips
Operations Manager at Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence
San Antonio, Texas Area Public Safety

It's the shits when your own employer stabs you in the back.

Anonymous said...

It should be obvious that the Brady Bunch set this up to be win-win for the Gun Grabbers. If they somehow prevailed against Lucky Gunner they would have established a precedent for the destruction of the gun industry. If they lose and end up owing Lucky Gunner for lawyers' fees they can blubber and sing the blues about the heartless injustice of it all and demand a change in the law in the name of all that is decent. Oh, and just for good measure it's for the children. The Brady Bunch and their shysters should be responsible for this feat of lawfare legerdemain.

Baja Blitzer said...

Attys win BIG all around, WHAT A COUNTRY< HA HA HA,bend over merican'ts......