Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cartoonish Call for More ATF Funding Disregards Bureau Time-to-Crime Stats.

Seeing as how there’s not a “source state” on the map that can’t be driven to in hours, or at most in two days, the lack of newer model firearms would seem to indicate that “pipeline” is pretty severely clogged. Either that or the whole concept is a fiction created by gun-grabbers to mask the utter failure of their efforts to date at achieving promised results — and to cast the blame for that on states where their grasp is not as tight.

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Anonymous said...

The pipeline scam is much akin to the NRAs state preemption scam. Both are lies made up to impose and justify more gun control by ignoring the authority of the Second Amendment itself.

Stop guns manufactured in a city, blame the state. top gun manufacture in a state, blame another state. Stop manufacturing in all states, blame another country. (Notice mexico already employs this excuse currently). All this holds true with selling guns too. It is all a never ending, expanding, path to more power for government, more gun control.

The NRA does exactly the same thing. It claims state power is needed, in the form of preemption, in order to combat local government infringements. Yet, state preemption gets states doing exactly what cities and counties were doing, which preemption was supposedly going to address. SO what happens when all 50 states have preemption?

Well, then the NRA can jump to fundraising for escalating federal power, naturally calling it "federal preemption of state powers". Gotta stop all those differing laws from state to state right? Well DUH, we already HAVE that preemption! It is called the Second Amendment.

The gun controllers all run the same scam. Some may find it uncomfortable, especially the Fudds, but it is what it is regardless.

Notice we had a three hour presidential debate last night.
Not ONE mention of the word G-U-N. True Mike Huckabee made on tiny mention of "the second amendment" in passing but even he didn't say the word gun.

Why no "GUN CONTROL" question, CNN? Well, here is why, and why it fits here. The gun controllers are running out of excuses. The more they run around like chickens with their heads cut off, the more they scramble, the more they are exposed as running the same playbook. Their solution is to shhhhhhhhhh. It is the only way they don't get nailed.