Monday, September 21, 2015

Stacking the deck: "Obama's citizenship push stokes conservative fears."

The administration is accelerating naturalization for million of legal residents — many of whom will probably vote Democratic.


FedUp said...

Mass stadium naturalization ceremonies, as if Bill Clinton were still President?

Anonymous said...

The "DNCRNC Bloodless Coup" of the Overthrow of The Constitutional Republic.
Thank the MSM, DNC, RNC, Family , Friends and Neighbors...My Apologies for the Throat Punch(Family , Friends and Neighbors)but to many of us know this to be True.
And these same POS are Whorshipping at the Cult of Bernie Sanders.
Go F---ing Figure!!
For some unknown Reason these Traitors Think Socialism and PISSING on the Graves of the Founding Fathers and DEAD U.S. Military Members is the way to go.

My Question...
When the Hell did the U.S. Constituion become a National Suicide Document and When did it ALLOW for The Enemy to Operate, Protected, Legaly and right out in the open?