Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Promises, promises. O'Malley solicits civil war.

Martin O'Malley: My promise on guns, NRA


Anonymous said...

Martin who?...Does anyone outside of Mary-Land even know who this jerk is?

Anonymous said...

If the dimocraps will agree to put the same restrictions on voting that they want on guns then we'll talk. Until then they need to STFU and leave us alone (like that's going to happen).

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the democrat candidates have been so up-front about their tyrannical wishes to erase our 2nd amendment rights. Saul Alinsky would not be proud! But I'm glad - folks who in the past would say "they're not really after your guns" now can't credibly say that. Some will anyway but not with any credibility. I figure this will subtract a few votes from the democrat side and decrease our chances of having Ms. Butcher of Benghazi crowned queen.

As for Mr. O'Malley... Come and get them, buddy.

Woodcanoe said...

O'Malley is an insult to the intelligence of the human race!