Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Emerging Victimhood Culture is Scary

So, basically, members of the victimhood culture that is emerging in America operate within a relatively privileged and sheltered environment and try to solve conflicts by tattling to authority figures so that they may gloat over their perceived aggressors.


skybill said...

Hi Mike!!!!,
This is GREAT!!!!! Only a little late, SAT. As I read the article I got to thinkin', hell, Fred Blassie discovered these people years, eons now, ago!!!! First I ever heard him talk of them was back in the 70's!! ..As he says,"One day these Geeks started poppin' up all over town, ya' couldn't hardly sneeze without knockin' one down!!" and he goes on,"These geeks are a dime a dozen,....I'm lookin' for the guy supplyin' the dimes!!.....Nothing but a PENCIL NECK GEEK!!!!!" If ya' can't find Fred Blassie's "Pencil Neck Geek" on the 'Net, try listening to The Dr. Dimento Show on Radio!! Yeppers, the victimhood culture is nothing but a bunch of Pencil Neck Geeks!!....
'Waiting for the VC (Victimhood Culture) .....Hey! we have a new "Victor Charlie!!" ...backlash in ...3.....2.....1.....!!!
Got Gunz.......OUTLAW!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

Well I'll tell you what: I sure didn't need a "scholarly paper" to enlighten me to this subject. It really has become painfully obvious in everything we see and read about these days. I'm thinking a good deal of the blame here could be directed at the parents of these kids, 'cause if they were taught at a young age, like I was in the 60's, that nothing is more disgusting than a tattle-tale then maybe by college age they would already be in a different mindset. This entire culture is getting like a "Revenge of the Nerds" on a national scale when we used to be more like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"..I do think, of course, that there still exists an antidote to this by anyone unlucky enough to run afoul of one of these "victims". It consists of three thing: a ski mask, a set of brass knuckles and a clever sense of proper timing. Administered often enough it could be terrific food for thought for those considering to becoming a Woody Allen-type to choose a Clint Eastwood-type solution to problems instead

Sean said...

Want to see a pantie fight/raid in progress? Go over there and read the comments. The emerging victim hood culture is not scary, it's pathetic. There are so many pussies in colleges walking around with a penis attached, you could make a case for Crossover University. This is happening because the male/female balance of 50/50 is way out of kilter, with 60% of graduates being women. When you get a situation like this, you get a situation like this, ya dig? Show me any institution, club, group, etc. that gets a majority female population, and I'll show you socialism and bullshit to the Nth degree. Women get the vote in 1919, and prohibition, socialism, and all sorts of rubbish ensue. It's part of the reason we're in this crap now. Don't believe me, get it, or regard it as valid? Good. If you're a man, you've gone over to the womens side. If you're a woman, you're doing what women are best at, ignoring the obvious. Don't sweat it, the coming shake out and resulting sportiness will set things back the way they go, naturally, only a lot of stupid people are going to assume room temperature before it's over.

Anonymous said...

Stronger/more determined cultures eat the weaker ones every damn day. This generation of perpetually distracted gelded boys better grow some balls real quick.

Another sign of the times:

Anonymous said...

All throughout history we witness evidence that ass whippins are good teachers.
From school yard bullies to imperial and conquering nations, we see that opening a particular can solves the problem. Whether is it a crybaby kid tattling to get their brother in trouble or a political plot to set up a opponent, the reality is the same.

A good old fashioned whippin does wonders for the individual and the nation state as well. We ought to go back to the standard. It produced more prosperity, tougher lines that were more rigorously defended and quite frankly, more security for all who would live a moral and courteous life.

I want my nation back.

Anonymous said...

Like some people who rant against LEO's; only to 'rat out' other perceived opponents to those same LEO's?