Sunday, September 27, 2015

Off to a late start, busy morning and afternnon.

That's my excuse for no posts until now. First off Zoe and I left shortly after 7AM to make early church (an excellent message, by the way) and when we got out we went directly to the Bankhead Highway military convoy which was stopped at Tannehill Furnaces State Park until 1200 HRS Central.
Here are some of photos from our adventure. The first thing that drew my attention was this early M-2 halftrack nicknamed the Yellow Rose of Texas (oddly enough it is owned by an Australian ex-pat who is now a proud American citizen):
Here is another view:
Here is a World War II utility truck, "The Iron Bitch," which has had, post military, only three careful owners. (And no, the name isn't about someone's ex-wife, but rather the original nickname that came with the vehicle and her present owner's wife actually preserved it herself during a recent repaint job.)
Above is a World War II vintage M43 ambulance. And below is a more modern ambulance:
The owners were no where around, but a glance inside the driver's side door revealed that the security system was firmly in place:
Finally, here is Zoe standing in the top hatch of a civilianized M1078 Medium Tactical Cargo Truck:
I can't say enough in praise of these living historians who are preserving these slices of history for the next generations coming along. They draw crowds of kids wherever they go and I think that's just plain wonderful. The hobby ain't cheap, but they make it fully available to those interested in their own military history.
Finally, we caught some Waffle House breakfast and then went to a local range where I scavenged some brass with Zoe's help. All in all, for all the fun, I overdid it and needed some lunch and some rack time to recover. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Sorry for the lack of timely posts but I'll try to make it up to you later.


Uncle Elmo said...

Cool, Mike! Glad you were able to go.

One of these days I'm going to restore the '41 Dodge weapons carrier that I bought for $600 in '69. It's been sitting in my yard for almost 30 years. One of these days.

Seeing these rigs is an inspiration to me.

Cederq said...

You are allowed to take some down time and not post, I am sure I speak for a few that doesn't minDon't sweat it Mr Mike. Hey, has the printer held up for you?

drjim said...

Glad you had some down time and enjoyed yourself!

If you ever get out here to Kommiefornia, be sure and let me know. I'll give you a personal tour of the Iowa!

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Long as your breathing, we're happy to wait a bit. With all the crap you're dealing with, y'all deserve a bit of "you" time, Mike. Prayers inbound. Get well.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. My husband was given a 1953 M37 from his dad about 15 years ago. We did a bit of engine work on it, like a new cylinder head, rebuilt the carb, new distributor etc. Runs better than most modern cars. Will start after sitting for six months even on the coldest mornings! Use it when roads are not yet plowed after a snowstorm. You do have to be a gorilla to drive it though; no P/S, P/B, un-synchronized 4 on the floor (down-shifting 3rd to 2nd requires "double clutching"), and vacuum operated wipers that need manual assistance (using your spare hand) when accelerating. If vehicles were still like this one no one could be guilty of texting-while-driving, because you're so damn busy just driving this thing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mike. You deserve some "down time". Get some rest. We'll be here when you return.

B Woodman

MadDawg308 said...

I have been a member of Military Vehicle Preservation Association for many years, and I admire the dedication of those who have the skills and the "iron butt" to do a cross-country convoy in a historic military vehicle!

Rebuilding and using these classic rides is addictive to me, you're not just keeping a ride alive, you are keeping the history and the service of those who used them decades ago alive as well. Showing kids what it's like to ride in the back end of a half-track, or just letting their parents take a picture of them behind the wheel (parked, of course!) always makes guys like us happy. Shows where MVs are displayed are a shocker for those who restore Corvettes or show queens - they can't believe that we actually let folks touch the vehicles and climb inside them! Hands-on history is what it's all about!

Glad you could get to see this convoy, Mike!

Sean said...

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but my advice is not to eat a lot at Awful House. It may improve your health and prolong your life. Ever been in one after 2AM? Like walking into the petting zoo.

Anonymous said...

You had that beautiful young thing down on her hands and knees scrounging for brass? Two things. One, she loves ya, and two, she must have a special affinity for spent cartridge cases. You should be extremely proud of her, Mike!

RVN11B said...

Not a problem man! Remember Play time is always Good time!

Keep fighting!

CowboyDan said...

Sean, I wouldn't pet ANTHING at a Waffle House after the bars close. There was a time, but I haven't had a drink in a long time.

MIke, how do ugly guys like us end up with pretty daughters? They must take after their mothers in that department.