Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Master Plan to Crush America in a War: Attack the Supply Chain?

That means that a savvy adversary could try to muck with that kill chain by invading Boeing or MBDA’s supply chain. There are plenty of entry points—physical attacks against plant and personnel, cyber attacks against production equipment, or corrupting the operating software of the weapons themselves. With the JDAM and Brimstone lines working at full burn, interruptions could propagate quickly. What then, if the Coalition air forces could only use unguided bombs? Or even just laser-guided bombs? Either the rules of engagement would need to change—with a concomitant surrender of that moral high ground—or the adversary would gain sanctuary in time and space.


Anonymous said...

This is new? Not sure where in Sun Tzu it's said, but I'm sure it's there. As old as humanity and warfare. From First Gen, to 4GW and beyond.
Always attack the enemy at multiple points. The soldiers directly. The military leadership. The civilian leadership. The supply chain, from front line to home front.


Anonymous said...

Forget JDAM's and Brimstones for just a moment. 99% of all small arms ammo (5.56, 7.62 and .50 BMG) consumed by is produced by ATK at just one plant at Lake City.

If Lake City goes poof, the U S military will shortly be throwing rocks at the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

They can tell Homeland Insecurity to hand over their horde.

TimeHasCome said...

Walmart supplies 67% of the nations groceries . A simple hack for one week and America is done.