Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gee, do ya think the fix was in? "The defense rested its case earlier in the day without calling any witnesses."

Jury deliberates in trial over border agent’s killing.


Anonymous said...

Wowzers - look at this huge LIE!
" Since then, the Justice Department has focused on arresting and trying all suspects involved"
Now, this is bad enough of a twist and stretch when the context is just the Terry murder but that ain't the context it is in.
Place where it is in this reporting - it leads a person to believe that they are trying to arrest and prosecute everyone involved in committing fast and furious!!! Read the article folks, and pay attention to that quote.

I would think the paper would have to issue a correction on that one. What a outright lie!

Phelps said...

There's nothing unusual about the defense not calling any witnesses. By the time the State is done, they've usually called anyone who knows anything, and the defense has already cross examined them. The only witnesses usually called by the defense is any expert witnesses, and the defendant if he's going to testify (which is also unusual.)

So, in a case like this where you don't need a defense expert, you can expect them to just rest (since they put on their defense during the State's case.)