Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Secret Police Service goes after a critical congressman.

Secret Service official wanted to embarrass congressman.


JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

As a Marylander, I'm familiar with Elisha Cummings, a hardcore lefty from Balto. It almost surprises me to see him taking up for Chafitz. My thought on this, was "What else ya got, He spat on the sidewalk?"
This is just the sort of shit the "Young Turks" need to address, IMO...

Anonymous said...

This is really telling. I've long believed that the republican leadership, and most other key members, are fully compromised. I used to think they were just frauds and pussies until I saw how the demarxistrats dug up all that compromising info/intel on prominent republicans before, during and after the Clinton impeachment trials.
Now you see how the subversives and traitors in the demarxistrat party get away with it. It's even more telling when you see how conservatives and elected tea party nominees were treated by Boehner and McConnell when they got to the D.istrict of C.riminals after the 2010 elections.
With each passing day we resemble a fascist regime. There's no law that can't be ignored by the corrupt American ruling political class. Normal, tax paying, law abiding, sovereign born American citizens being called "Domestic Terrorists" when they simply practice they're constitutional rights. Especially if they're Christian and/or Conservative. A fully compliant lap dog media, and no real opposition party.
And, our tax dollars pay for this sh-t.