Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ashton Carter Goes Whole Hog Fifth Generation Warfare

Wheeee … look at me! I’m a cyborg! Well, it looks like Ash Carter has bought whole hog into the concept of fifth generation warfare. Magical suits that enable anyone to do anything, meaning that it doesn’t really matter that the women who passed Ranger school shouldn’t really have passed. And it doesn’t matter that the Navy Secretary wants to see female Marines in combat regardless of the fact that they can’t perform.


Anonymous said...

He was sent out today to talk about women and couched faggotry in order to toss grain to the chickens so they peck about on the ground instead of look up and take notice of Putin bitch slapping their messiah in Syria.
Ash today made a fool of himself - and of our military and of our country. I suspect this whole debacle had something to do with a super high resignation handed over today.

To me, that means something huge is afoot and career employees are unwilling to be the ones tossed under the bus when it all comes out.

TheBohunk said...

Good read, but I think sometihng is amiss with that picture. That looks like an AK bayonet on him and I am almost certain that is a foreign vest. I'm thinking Russian or Romanian or somesuch.

We sure that guy is a "Texan?"

Not that it takes away from the point. Or makes the dude in the picture any less badass.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, people hung up on image and not substance, no wonder America is collapsing...goddamn mirror gazers and smart phonephiles...You can't get them to reach reality..much less past their delusions of unearned exceptionalism.....Go ahead call me an America hater, now....If what is America doesn't have you on the verge on puking, you are out of touch with reality.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

lol! Exo-skeletons do one thing best, they allow you to lump heavy shit over uneven terrain where a forklift/jeep/truck can't go. You want one guy to be able to move 3 M2 machine guns plus tripods and 1500 rounds of ammo, or an automatic grenade launcher, or some other kind of tank busting heavy gear? They can do that. You want something like out of Starship Troopers, give it 50-60 years. :D

You can also have a dedicated comms guy to wear something like google glass, link up to various eyes in the sky/other users on the ground, and get virtual terrain/threat mapping. For the average soldier though, it would have to be something limited like a tablet, or wrist display that was used once in a while, otherwise you get distracted, and you get killed. Just as happened with the sensory overload of early jet fighters with a million dials, buzzers, automation, etc, etc. While your machine is distracting you, the enemy is busy killing you. ;)

Granted, a skilled operator COULD operate a remote control robot swarm, but the training to do that, and having skilled operators wasting time in the military is gonna be iffy. If you're that good, you're probably working underwater robots in oil mining, or something else where they pay you $75-$300 an hour. Obviously the more autonomy you build into the device, the less skilled the operator needs to be, but you also lose flexibility. If you can do operations A-K with the machine, but need to do Q, R, and S, but don't have a full manual option, or at least a basic macro scripting system, you're toast. :D

But what do I know? I'm just an industrial automation engineer, they won't even let me drive the trains. lol!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with continuing warfare on ourselves, all people see is better faster more deadly weapons...We are a doomed species, doomed by our obsession with creating DEATH amongst our ranks, and not community. making the weapoins more lethal more portable more capacity doesn't make us more exceptional, it makes usmore bloodthirsty.. Im not all about the kumbaya commune mentality at all, but I rememebr in my teen years people used to get along decently and we were community that laughed together played together went to school together...No we laugh and plot to ruin each other and devise new ways to slaughter, believing everyone and everything is a threat to us (mostly existentially). i agree that the invading hordes being ushered into the USA by Obamas minions is a defacto invasion to be defended against, but we have to eliminate toxic corrupt government and the people in it, close and defend our borders and get our minds back onto being hopeful for the future and focusing on really improving ourselves...but this unhealthy obsession with more better faster killing machines , especially autonomous ones, is a one way street into oblivion and species suicide.

Whatever folks, im just an old soldier, sick and tired of the same same old we got to kill right now attitude, I want some peace among a crowd worshipping death...Sign me, Neal Jensen