Thursday, October 1, 2015

Don't dick with white liberals' favorite sport. Black Lives (may) Matter (but we'll run you over anyway).

"St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Police Chief Tom Smith are warning Black Lives Matter that any attempt by the group to disrupt Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon would be dangerous and won't be tolerated."

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Anonymous said...

Lol @ cops trying to be intimidating. Their warning will fall on deaf ears because the blacklivesdontmatter people hold zero respect for Leo. It is too bad that politicians have destroyed a once fully noble profession.
Ironically, the warning is true - for the reason I brought to bear a couple days ago.
Runners take their craft very seriously and so do those with money riding on those races.

Almost hilarious ain't it? Race baiters trying to disrupt a race? Some race relations. Gawd, you just can't make this shit up. But know this- the real effort here isn't in disrupting the actual event - it is the THREAT of doing so being deployed in order to gain media coverage... all in attempt to demonstrate some kind of relevance (which in turn translates into donations to the cause.

A form of TERRORISM - as the TARGET is unrelated to the "cause" and innocent civilian in nature with the intent being political change. They ought be treated and dealt with no differently that Muslim terrorists. Wait a minute, umm what group is central to this blacklivesmatter garbage? Oh yeah, Nation of ISLAM. Well imagine that.