Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jack Kelly: "Trump Is a Charlatan."

"Donald Trump is no conservative. He’s contributed more to Hillary Clinton than to any other politician. He’s supported abortion on demand, national health insurance and gun control. He was for bailing out the big banks whose reckless lending was a root cause of the Great Recession. His call for higher taxes on higher incomes has been embraced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. . . 'Dealing with Trump as a conservative is like dating a hot, crazy stripper who keeps eyeing your wallet that’s sitting on the bureau,' said columnist Kurt Schlichter."
NOTE from MBV: Before you Trump fans start calling the author names, you should know something of his biography. Back in the 90s I was interviewed by Kelly and I found him eminently fair and he quoted me accurately. Here is thumbnail bio:
After earning a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1970, Jack Kelly enlisted in the Marine Corps. He had a few months before he reported for boot camp; so he went to Vietnam as a correspondent for the Lavine Newspapers, a small chain of dailies in Wisconsin.
The series of articles he wrote from Vietnam won first prize in Wisconsin UPI's feature competition for that year.
Mr. Kelly followed enlisted service in the Marine Corps with service in both the Marine reserve and the Army reserve, where he was the intelligence officer for a Special Forces company.
Mr. Kelly served as a deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan administration.
He was called to active duty at the Pentagon during the Gulf War and concluded his military reserve career as a major assigned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, N.C.
Mr. Kelly, 53, joined The Blade staff in 1995. Now living in Pittsburgh, he reports on military matters for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Blade, and writes a nationally syndicated column.


WarriorClass III said...

All that is probably true, but he has addressed the number one concern of most Americans - immigration and the loss of American jobs both to immigrants and to off-shoring. Immigrants are a drain to the Federal budget through "entitlements" and compete with Americans for jobs, lowering wages, changing our culture, our government, resulting in more government, less freedom and more crime. We are in a fight for our lives now, and unless these things are addressed everything else is just moot.

KenTheWonderGeek said...

What's really sad, is that Trump is still probably the best candidate out there. It's not that he is so great, it's just that he is the least crappiest candidate and he is at least honest about being crappy.

DeStir said...

It has been a great deal of fun watching the MSM wriggle and cower while Trump beats on them. It's given me a sense of delight when he says FU I don't need you to everyone because we all feel that way in this time of corruption. But seriously, he is a game show host! This is all reality TV theater. I BEG all of you who think Trump is great to go back and do your homework. Everything Kelly says is true - look it up. Mike had his moment of clarity (thank you for sharing)when he woke up to what he was doing. Where is Trump's? When exactly did it happen? How has he changed? Answer that and you'll understand exactly who Trump is!

drjim said...

And The Donald has never been asked about any of these things.

When did he change his spots?

What are his positions on (insert Trump's previous views here) these days?

He sure talks the talk that people want to hear, but what kind of walk does he do?

I'd like to like him for his current stands and positions, but given his history, I'm not sure if I trust him.....

Anonymous said...

i would ask all of the donald's supporters to please have a look at ted cruz. he's our senator and i'm happy to (maybe) have the chance to vote for him for president

Anonymous said...

The G.O.P primaries are a rigged game. The G.O.P establishment A.K.A "GOPe" rigged the primaries nationwide in 2014 to ensure that we end up with Jeb Bush as the 2016 Republican candidate:

Trump is not my preferred candidate but I'll vote for him if he'll stop the INVASION in progress.

Anonymous said...

Yeh. Trump can't do half the stuff he claims he will do as they are in the purview of the legislature and not the executive branch. But the Republican Party has proven they cannot be trusted. We are tired of the promises before the election, and the excuses after. SCREW THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT! If Trump has the FBI hunt down the MS-13 gangsters and throw them out of the country, he will get a standing "O".

Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy this showman make the RINOS and FAUX NEWS frauds squirm, I find it odd that this statist plutocrat is suddenly the champion of the common man. He reminds me of the blackjack dealer who, when he has an Ace showing, will ask for insurance, and then take your money before you have even taken your first hit. Regardless of this ongoing Kabuki Theater, we are not going to vote our way out of this mess and you folks better get prepped and stay prepped.

Anonymous said...

They are all, don't you get it yet. They all tell you what you want to hear, get elected then do what they want. It doesn't matter anymore. Only the lead election will matter.

Anonymous said...

You can sum up Trump vs the rest of the crowd with the old line: "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."

Ted Cruz has at least one thing right: "We've got a bunch of weenies!"

And that's all I have to say about that.

Nemesis said...

Charlatan or someone who in his later years has come to realize the machinations of the Globalist agenda and is now prepared to deal with it? I would call Trump an enigma at this time because even though he has been telling people what they want to hear, in the end, words are cheap. He has yet to outline clear policy and unveil to scrutiny, his eight year plan for America.

At least we know of his background, and unlike the hidden past of Obama, he was born in America and has the credentials to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a POS, but at least he's solid and can be picked up andn
thrown away, unlike the others that a liquidy and spraying!

Anonymous said...

seconding "DeStir" it's theater. think about it, Trump is getting lots of MSM

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the Trump supporters; please answer this question: What makes you think that Trump is telling the truth about any of his guiding principles considering the fact that each and every one of them (including immigration, economic policy, the proper role of government, gun control....the list goes on forever) are 180º from where he stood just a few short years ago?

He's either had a true 'come to Jesus' conversion or he's flat out lying. Which is more likely?

Anonymous said...

I love what trump has done - exposing the whole lot for what they are....himself included. The two things I said would topple his rise have already done began. First is his so called big second amendment guy bullshit (which has now been officially exposed as the half baked concoction it is and then his Muslim business dealings that force his hand regarding the inevitable religion of peace position forming now.

But what so many aren't catching on to is that despite it all, he isn't trying to burn down the republicans or horns waggle the democrats - he really is burning down both parties and their media enablers - and might STILL pull off an election win. One thing remains true, and why he led his entry onto the gambling table with illegal immigration. He knows full well tat America is being bled dry by all the previously mentioned cabal and the invasion they foment. He knows full well that if this nation dies, his billions mean exactly squat. If it all crumbles - his empire is done. That means the only way to preserve his own ass is to preserve America, capitalist America.

No matter what happens from here, Trump Antics are already more of a positive legacy upon this nation than the usurper there now - and what Trump has done cannot be undone. As such, Cruz's rise is about to begin - after a couple rerun of Jebbie takes place. Americans are more fed up than the party hacks understand and it really is gonna turn into Cruz or Lose. Trump wil set second seat as vice- continuing to bark and bark while running his company - and America will be better off for it.

No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see most people here have finely tuned BS radar, and can see Trump for what he is. Have run into some Trump supporters who are as dumbstruck as the Obama supporters are. A real cult of personality. None will get my money, but one will get my vote.

1776vtgmb said...

Trump is using his own money.

He doesn't have to lie.

Like boner and the turtle.

drjim said...

To anon @556PM.....

I agree. Ted Cruz would be my first choice, but unfortunately the clowns running these circuses, excuse me, "debates", seem to keep ignoring him.

Mr. Cruz is one of the few genuine "Good Guys" out there, and I hope he does better as these proceedings continue.

Otto Didact said...

I'm with anon at 6:09 PM. T. I suspect the primaries are totally rigged. I just am not sure who the party bosses have selected. Possibly Jeb, possibly somebody else. I know for damned sure MY senator (Cruz) doesn't have a chinaman's chance. I would vote for him or Jindal but I do not have the remotest hope of getting to do so.

Here's a note for all you Trump (to whom I very much enjoy listening and whom I enjoy watching on screen) fans. He and the Clintons are close from way back.

The fix is in, folks. The next POTUS has already been chosen. All we plebians have is the illusion of choosing. Not sure we really ever DID get to choose. Maybe before the parties really got rolling.

Anonymous said...

People's viewpoints change ... over time. No mention of fates with any of the issues that the gentleman notes; he is trying to sway me? He'll need to do better.

Maybe he learned something from Waco & Ruby Ridge and Katrina and.....

sw sumner said...

To all of Trump's detractors. We don't give a rat's ass whether Trump is conservative, liberal, moderate or whatever. As long as he completes the assassination of the GOP, then he's done the job we want him to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11 hits it when he said "Trump getting lots of MSM time". When the establishment wants you out they ignore you like they did to Ron Paul more than once, they don't give you extra air time...Trumps play is to tap into the anger felt by working class Americans; similar to Obama tapping into the emotions of the ne'er-do-wells, communists and fruitcakes. They always keep you making decisions using your emotions rather than critical thinking.And BTW: maybe I missed it, but Jack Kelly forgot to mention the fiasco with Obama's obviously poorly forged birth certificate and Trump saying he was personally going to look into it; and of course he found it to be legit...And leave us not to forget his attempts at evicting the elderly using eminent domain:

Anonymous said...

So how did it happen that the anti-GOP establishment opposition sentiment within the party espoused primarily by by Tea Party candidates got hijacked by a dubious showman? They have candidates in that nominee field, Cruz, Paul, Walker, possibly Rubio, who are all but eclipsed. Had that opposition been united behind one who knows where we'd be now. But to be united by one they'd almost have to have had to a mini-primary, or be acting like a separate party.

If the GOP establishment cannot be properly unseated the implications are clear. A separate party is required if there's ever going to be a real opposition to the socialist Democrat Party by one that seriously believes in the principles of the founding Republic, instead of the weak-kneed GOP that mouths pious platitudes in that Republic's general direction as though that's like pressing an elevator button to ascend to power, because the conservatives are trapped. Vote for them or Hildebeast wins! No more! I won't vote for an anti-gun Donald because he's a "viable alternative" to the Witch. The voting game has just about run it's course.

Unknown said...

I know Trump is not a conservative. But I don't care, I want him to win for no other reason than to piss off the Establishment. They want a Bush/Clinton match up, and why? They know that either Jeb or Hillary will not rock the boat and mess up the insular world that is the Establishment Washington D.C.
The Establishment wishes to retain the status quo, where they get to spread around government largess to all their friends, and get rich in the process.
I desire a candidate who will come in and burn their tent down around their ears with them inside it.
Trump is the best candidate to come along since Perot that can make that happen, for no other reason than that he does not come from that circle of people.
After 8 years of Obama, can we do any worse?

Anonymous said...

It's all about core principles. What are Trumps when the chips are down? It's easy when you're an egomaniac to spout off vague comments.

DAN III said...

I would have more respect for Kelly if he attacked Hillary Clinton and the Muslim-in-Chief Barry soetoro. In tne meantime you clowns here want to pile on Trump.


Anonymous said...

TO THE MOST RECENT "anon" post:
SO: what is your suggestion? Not to vote at all?

ALSO: please know Trump has held the positions you mention for MANY years...not just a few.

REMEMBER: Reagan was also a Democrat...AND HEAD of his UNION once.

On the issue of Democrat donations: look at where he did business/construction...which Party was in office? Therefore, which Party needed its palms greased? NO SURPRISE that New York has Dems and he "donated" to them. Cynical? Maybe. Realistic. Definitely.

If the GOP establishment joins with the media and Dems to derail Trump, I can see voting either "write-in" or a third Party, but I think Trump is good enough.*

NOT VOTING puts your "voice" in the same basket as those who couldn't care less or care more for Kim Kardashian's clothes...I'll wager that doesn't describe anyone reading here!

* a la WF Buckley's "the most conservative who can win"

Anonymous said...

Trump may be a charlatan. Mitch M. and John B. got the congress and the senate. "We The People" Got buggered. Insider trading[both parties] has availed us nothing. But socialism, more taxes, no jobs, and a lower standard of living.. Behind enemy lines, Ct. I will not stand down. Nor comply. AAA/O. 11B20.

Anonymous said...

Trump may be a lot of things. But one thing for sure. He's a huge Capitalist!

Ramsey A.. Bear said...

I see Trump as a businessman who knows that you have to pay to play. Greasing a democraps palm is sometimes the easiest way to get your building up. Sometimes you threaten, sometimes you pay. It's all politics.

Anonymous said...

So "Trump Is A Charlatan!"

We get that! Even those of us who had to look up "charlatan" in the dictionary get it. Now here's the question I have for Jack Kelly and/or anyone else who cares to answer it. Is Trump any more or less a charlatan than John Boehner? On the charlatan scale, where does he rank with respect to Mich McConnell? How does he compare to Lindsey Graham? For that matter how does he compare to any of the other charlatan's in the GOP establishment including those who shared the platform with him in the prime time debate, and those others who were relegated to the JV debate we saw earlier?

Get this straight, Mr Priebus. We the People, including those of us still in the GOP base, are fed up with you and your gang of dancing charlatans. It's long past time for you to fish or cut bait. We are done with the John McCains, Bob Doles, and Mit Romneys you have selected for us to vote for. The number of voters who held their noses and voted for John McCain yet stayed home rather than do the same for Mit Romney were more than Obama's margin of victory. That should have been your sign. We the People are running out of patience.

It's not too late to bring back the old custom of tar and feathers. Consider yourselves put on notice!

Anonymous said...

From various comments:

"REMEMBER: Reagan was also a Democrat...AND HEAD of his UNION once."

Ya? Reagan was a nice guy, decent morals but the President who started in earnest the national debt cycle that is eating us out of house and home with deficit spending on a national credit card. He claimed he wanted smaller government, then grew it to twice the size it was when he took office. He went on to foster the failed War on Drugs that reduced liberty and weakened allegedly inalienable rights. Then he signed into laws the FOPA in '86. Ya, he was awesome,

"Trump may be a lot of things. But one thing for sure. He's a huge Capitalist!"

No, he's a corporatist. BIG difference. He doesn't believe in free markets; he believes in working the government controlled system to benefit his company...not abolishing the government's ability to pick winners and losers and making your company compete on merits.

"Is Trump any more or less a charlatan than John Boehner? On the charlatan scale, where does he rank with respect to Mich McConnell? How does he compare to Lindsey Graham?"

Ah...the old "lesser of two evils" NONSENSE that got us in this mess in the first place. Thanks for the laugh.

Informed42 said...

You can sum up Trump vs the rest of the crowd with the old line: "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king." The title of Gordon Graham's book years ago.

Kelly and all the rest can say what they want about Trump, but he has started 'a movement' to 'take back our country', as he stated. Something no one else has done in years. Certainly something none of our useless politicians and traitorous liars in government have even scratched the surface on doing.

Check this out, and even the slowest of you will see that Trump warned us of exactly the same things 25 years ago, but no one listened to him then, and now the country has felt the results.

Everyone that has jumped on Trump for not 'defending' Zero, the Muslim fraud half-breed usurper in The White House, the man in N.H. commented about, have to be idiots !! Worse. Stupid idiots !! It's not up to Trump to 'defend' Zero or anyone else from any Americans expressing their personal opinions of the fraud P.O.S. that's been selling out our country and people. Zero and his corrupt minions sure as hell haven't and won't ever 'defend' Trump, and everyone that's running scared
in politics and the media have attacked him. And he's right, they're all LOSERS !!

Anonymous said...

Still on fence about Trump? I like the way Ted Cruz has positioned himself, like a bear in the grass, to step in once Trumpty Dumpty takes his fall. Doing my best to keep an open mind.
On Friday, I heard the best quote on this election from the great Dr. Thomas Sowell: "After almost seven years why would Americans trade one glib egomaniac for another glib egomaniac?"


Josh said...

"I know Trump is not a conservative. But I don't care, I want him to win for no other reason than to piss off the Establishment."

I don't think it gets more establishment than a politician-buying billionaire.

Anonymous said...

Look, we've had it with the Kellys who state the obvious. Trump has never denied any of this. Kelly should look up Fiorina's and Ben Carson's record of leftism and liberalism. Oh and I looked for a video of anybody in the early days of anybody saying Carson or Firoina 9the other frontrunners0 was a conservative(like way back in the 80's when at least Carson claims to have leaned right for Reagan)only found one with Trump attending Repub convention and reporter caling him "a conservative." Oh my. So instead of trashing Trump, think outside the big box on this one.Trump the blowhard who knows where the liberal bodies are buried is exactly what we need to go up agains a Marxist Che Guevera, Muslim sympathizing communist.And the fact that Rove and the GOPe and their Salem Media shills hate him is icing on the cake.

Check this Trump out-consistent all the way from nearly 30 years ago:

Oh and here is Firoina lovefesting all over Hillary in 2008 when Carly the 'outside' was working for McCAIN:

luagha said...

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Trump's obvious rebuttal to the accusations on his previous statements is:

"I did business in New York. I had no choice but to say those things and donate to Hillary Clinton. It's how the game was played. I could have stayed pure, and they'd have eaten me alive, wouldn't let me do business. But as it is, now they owe me instead."

I was for Scott Walker and Ted Cruz first; now I'm down to Ted Cruz. And as Ted Cruz has said, Trump is bringing incredibly important matters to the table in ways that no one else is. That's horrifically important.

ashv said...

Trump is no knight in shining armour, but who else has a better chance of burying the Dead Elephant Party right now?

R said...

To the last anonymous posting this morning. I agree. Cruz is my first choice.

Given that Trump is using his own money to immolate the RNC machine, who has been rigging things (McCain? Really?), I don't care how much of charlatan he is at this point. What he is (so far) genuinely effective at doing is yanking on the G-establishment's short hairs and not giving any slack. Read elsewhere - "You 'conservative' 'pundits' still don't get it: Trump isn't our candidate. He's our murder weapon. And the GOP is our intended victim..We good now? --blogosphere talking head

Anonymous said...

Trump is only nominally a "candidate." In fact and fundamentally, he's a weapon. A weapon intended to do one thing--destroy the establishment GOP/USCOC oligarchy and its DC-based criminal enterprise, known facetiously as the U.S. Gov't. If he does nothing more than bleed the GOP/USCOC PACs dry, build the southern border wall, and start enforcing existing immigration laws, that will be plenty. We've already gotten hammered by other scumbags unconstitutionally forcing all the other stuff on us--whether Trump would be for it or against it is inconsequential, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

@Anon @ 9:59 PM 9/20:

Karl Denninger disagrees with you on your unbacked claims of Trump's 2nd A stance. See

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when Republicans have the White House and the Democrats have the Congress, the Congress always seems to get it's way. When Republicans have the Congress and the Democrats have the White House, the White House always seems to get it's way.

Answer: Sissified, candy assed, linguini spined Republicans.

Trump could change all that. I want Trump, the Capitalist!

rumcrook™ said...

I don't know that I like trump, but what I do like is how he is repetitively presented PC Gordian knots, ....and he summarily whips out his sword, cuts right through them to the horror and dismay of the mandarin class who present the knots but refuse to solve the puzzles themselves.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is a Pretend "Conservative" Fraud, who is working for the Bush's ( As is Canadian Ted Cruz and ALL the other repub candidates ), As "Bait" to keep Real Conservatives glued to the Hopelessness of the repub Party, long enough for Jebbie to be gifted the already Rigged repub Primary, so Conservatives will ( In theory at least ) have no choice after Cruz and Trump throw their support (Ala Ron Paul for MITTEN'S in 2012 ) late in the Primary season to Jebbie.

This way, the dem and repub leftwing Establishment, can finish collaboratively and Treasonously, continue to run our Constitutional Republic Left and off of a cliff!

This is 1854 all over again and the repub Party has become the 'Whig Party' who they replaced, after the 'Whigs' became as Pro-Slavery as their dem Comrades.

We have to replace the repub party with a Constitutionally Conservative Party ASAP!...We have nothing to lose!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Denninger on the vast majority of topics.....however, I do not understand his love affair with Trump.

Sure, Trump is *saying* (for the most part) what we want to hear....but does that mean he'll actually go through with any of it? Denninger rightly pointed out that Trump stopped short of actually declaring the 2nd Amendment to BE the CCW permit he advocates people getting if they want to carry all the time. Nor did Trump say that the background check is unconstitutional and should be abolished based on the clear wording in the 2A. No, he said it needs to be "fixed" and "have it work as intended".

So really, what we have is that Trump says that the 2A still doesn't mean what it says and that he (aka "government"; if elected) can not only run some sort of upgraded background check system, but that you also need a permit to exercise a right.

Essentially, he's told us the truth about what he really thinks (which is much the same as the rest of the politicians)....he just couched it in terms we like to hear.

Anonymous said...

Cruz claims he is a constitutionalist. I like him. Especially when he put Diane Feinstein in her place. Regarding the 2nd Amendment. BUT!!! On the surface ,he talks the talk. But will he really walk the walk. All the republican contender's except Trump. Had a sit down with the Koch brothers. Trump didn't need the nod and $. From the Republican[Potus] king makers. On the other hand. Ted Cruz's wife is a Bank executive for Goldman Sacks. So when the debt is called in .Does he side with the Koch's or Goldman Sacks... Either way the bet is covered. Koch Bros./Goldman Sacks, are new world order globalists. Whose goal is for the U.S. To be a vassal state of the United Nations. In my heart .I feel " We the People" ,and the "Founder's Republic", will be suckered again!!! Behind enemy lines, Ct. I will never comply. Nor stand down. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

For me it all boils down to this:
Jeb Bush is a pussy, Hillary Clinton is an asshole and Donald Trump is a dick. Pussies don't like dicks because they're always getting f-cked by dicks. That's because dicks just want to f-ck all the time, even when it's not appropriate. Assholes, well they just want to shit everything. Sometimes, pussies and assholes agree with each other because they're so close to each other... But, you know what? Dicks fuck assholes to! And if we don't let Trump, the dick, f-ck that asshole, Clinton, our pussies and our dicks will all be covered in shit.