Friday, September 18, 2015

Why the Special Forces Are Falling in Love With ATVs

"If things really get bad, they can turn around, drop a grenade on it, and walk away."
The military likes these vehicles because they can be transported inside the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, Boeing's MH-47 special operations helicopter, and Sikorsky's MH-53 Pave Low, and dropped from the air. Special forces, in particular, like ATVs because of the extra mobility they provide, allowing smaller units to get to a combat area or conduct reconnaissance patrols quickly. Plus, they keep Marines or troops who would otherwise move on foot fresher. The Marines featured in the above video are from the Force Reconnaissance Platoon, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, and were training with Polaris RZR-SW, which is a military version of the company's consumer RZR 800 ATV. Thus far, the Corps is using the RZR-SW as a training and utility tool, though in the future units like the Force Recon platoon may deploy with ATVs. Various U.S. Special Forces have already done so.
The two-seat RZR-SW began selling in 2009 as the first RZR customized for military use. It uses a 760cc twin-cylinder engine mated to an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system. Its four-wheel independent suspension offers 12 inches of travel. Weighing about 1,200 pounds, the RZR-SW will do approximately 65 mph over mild terrain and can carry 1,000 pounds, including two Marines. Features include a roll cage, cargo box with 500 lb. capacity and litter mounts, and a 7.25-gallon fuel tank. The RZR-SW's big brother is the MRZR, a fully militarized two or four-seat ATV with a more mission-flexible modular design, greater payload, and folding roll cage. Both of these ATVs offer ground troops enhanced mobility and responsiveness.


Anonymous said...

Sounds ok, as long as they don't develop an all-electric, battery operated "silent" version.

B Woodman

Stephen Yavorsky said...

Return of the original JEEP concept..?

Anonymous said...

Just call the Air Force fellas ... we'll take care of the rest. ATVs funny.

Anonymous said...

So what you're telling me is the military has developed..... the 1940 Willys Jeep?