Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Threatening to shoot the messenger unless he changed the message: "This Is the ISIS Intel the U.S. Military Dumbed Down."

The intelligence pros said killing certain ISIS leaders might not diminish the group and that airstrikes might not be working. The bosses didn’t like those answers — not at all.


rexxhead said...

In his appendix to the Report of the Challenger Commission, Richard P Feynman wrote: "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." I suspect this also applies to warfare. When we politicize war too much, we risk losing the confidence of the front line troops. Eventually those who actually do the fighting realize that they've been snookered. Shortly those who are thinking of enlisting realize they are about to be snookered and look elsewhere for employment. In the end game, only the catastrophically stupid or the catastrophically unlucky find themselves behind the rear sight, but they probably haven't figured out why yet. Darwinian processes proceed apace. When no one is left, the war is over.

If we have to fudge reality to make war palatable, perhaps we shouldn't even be there.

Josh said...

Lol the cia (headed by muslim Brennan) created al quada and isis, so killing their leadership just makes the cia, via US military trainers go out and train some more.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I dream about waking up one glorious morning and hearing just one pundit, politician, general, admiral, federal, state or local enforcement officer, or whomever, say the following: "Our political ruling class and their un-elected minions and cronies are the true enemy of this country. Our government and both political parties are more of a foreign occupying force or an organized crime syndicate then, well, the government. From here on out lets treat them as such."

Sean said...

Those at the top, including the WH, have never had any integrity. And since shit rolls downhill, there is no integrity in the system, down to the bottom. A bunch of liars all lying to each other, and anyone else that cares to listen. Lies will not sustain a tyrant, nor a country, nor a single man.