Sunday, September 20, 2015

How Ahmed’s clock became a false, convenient tale of racism

“It never would have happened to a white kid”? It happens to white kids all. The. Time. The main difference between the Ahmed Mohamed case and the others is that the mainstream media and the leftist point of view it presents just can’t let go of Ahmed. Ahmed is too useful to their narrative to be a one-day story.
See also: WHAT IF: A White Baptist Boy Brought A 'Clock' That Looked Like A Bomb To School?


Arlie Austin said...

Let me propose a scenario, Ahmed brings his innocent briefcase clock to school, shows all the kids and teacher how clever he is, next day Ahmed again brings his clever clock to school and a few kids look at it, nobodies really that interested they saw it the first day, now it's just "Ahmed's clock, third day ahmed brings his clock to school and nobody cares because it's just Ahmed's clock, only today Ahmed's radical Islamic father has placed 2lbs of semtex along with a battery and a blasting cap! When the disaster happens everybody wonders how on earth that nobody said or did anything to stop such a thing!

John Otis Comeau said...

any cellphone can trigger a bomb, as can any number of purely mechanical devices that can delay the meeting of two conductors. this is just a natural extension of hoplophobia. if it takes a name like Ahmed Mohamed to get people to make fun of this brand of stupidity, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Here's an easy way to tell if some news item is a bullshit thing: it's being played up on the mainstream media over and over. Keep banging it into the sheep's heads. How to get Americans to accept communism by-and-large? Have a supposed "holy man" (Pope) come to the u.S. and preach it's wonders and beauty. And plaster it all over the T.V.