Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gee, it makes you wonder just who the secret political policemen of the FBI are really working for.

FBI refuses to cooperate in Hillary Clinton email server probe


Anonymous said...

Terrified that they will all be 'sanctioned' after Hilary steals the Presidency?


Joe said...

Actually, this may confirm that Queen Hillary's coronation is a 100% done deal,
and they all know it.

"Hope I can make it to retirement before I have to actually have to wear that
retro skull and cross-bones cap device she just had designed for us."

Anonymous said...

Look folks, the devil in the details is not and never was in the emails SENT or RECEIVED.

Understand this, please. Clinton held her own server(and then turned over printed out emails) because she used the "draft instead of send" practice used by anyone from the common street drug dealer to Al Qaeda to dawgs. This is how it works. You are in California, I am in New York. We need to "communicate" in a way that is not spoken via phone and not "sent" via email. So I go open my Email account, on my own possessed server, and I create a draft of the things I want to "communicate" to you. I save the draft, but I do not send it. Then, I log out. Next, You log in to that same email account, from your domicile for the evening in California. You read the draft I saved, delete it, and craft another draft, your response, and then save it. You log out. I log back in, read the draft, ponder, and delete it.

In this way - when the serve is owned and possessed- nobody ever knows this communication took place......unless they get the server in hand, and dig deep for the drafts created and saved and deleted. EXCEPT for that pesky little detail about where logins were made from and or the time logged in.

Hillary needs to be asked, under oath, if she ever crafted drafts, if she ever read drafts, if she was the only one with access to her email account(s), passwords. Questions along these lines need to be asked - so hey there Mr GOWDY, Mr Issa, ummmm why aren't you asking these questions in PUBLIC, hmmm?