Monday, September 21, 2015 crawfishes on their repetition of the SPLC/Media Matters propaganda trope about GOA's alleged links to "hate groups."

"Response to accusations by Gun Owners of America."
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You folks don't crawfish very well, do you? Carrying the propaganda water for Media Matters and SPLC makes you look -- at best -- like useful idiots. Having known Larry Pratt personally for more than twenty years, having fought beside him in the gun rights war trenches when the NRA was looking to weasel word and compromise, I can assure you that he is no racist. For myself, I have fought the Klan and the neoNazis all my life at street level where it costs. I have had death threats from those green-teethed scum suckers, as has my family. If I thought Larry was in any way a racist I would not have anything to do with him. You people have been willingly conned by collectivists. Why don't you just admit it and move on?
Mike Vanderboegh


Anonymous said...

"As a news source, we recognize the value of including a variety of viewpoints and opinions, and the veracity of facts is important to us. We take accusations of unethical journalistic practices and bias seriously. We see it as our duty to you, the reader, to be honest and objective in our reporting."

Read that first sentence. Think about it. News, which is SUPPOSED TO BE the reporting of fact regardless of a variety of viewpoints OF IT and absent opinions ABOUT IT, to consists of everything EXCEPT reporting of facts. They admit their idea of news is what they think about things.

And Mike, you broke a cardinal rule there in your comment. You dared to say something non complimentary about the NRA, which generally gets you called a liberal troll.

It is a shame that the site is fuddified, but sadly it might as well be called

Anonymous said...

I think you're exactly right Dutchman. They were conned and they're still too stupid to admit they were had...And the results of all this nonsense - GOA picks up more members, and less people read

Anonymous said...

Who owns Who benefits from creating doubts about GOA?

Anonymous said...

How progressive of them. A Fudds going to Fudd, after all. I doubt they even know who they are placating to. On their back, belly up, is their natural position.

FedUp said...

Anonymous said...


Just between you and me, I suggested to you a while back that you train up your replacement(s). You need to identify them and school them so that THEY are responding; not you. Heck, a pool of them might even be able to match the coverage you provide. On some days.

And I would most appreciate instructions on how to get two autographed Nyberg battle flags from yourself:

God Bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

That's their domain registration proxy, FedUp.