Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Doesn't the federal government pay for anger management classes? More ATF thuggery on display: "ATF agent faces charges for high school football game assault."

I guess he's just used to throwing his weight around and pulling his weapon when he isn't instantly obeyed.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least he's being charged.....but we'll see how it works out in the end. Arizona being a state where a lot of folks carry, he's lucky he didn't get shot down when he pulled his weapon out and started threatening people with it.....doubtless because he identified himself as a LEO, even though he was not acting in any official capacity. Notice how all his actions were taken "because he felt threatened".

Anonymous said...

KHOU? As in Houston, Texas? I'm surprised that no one pulled out their own weapon and plugged his rude and ignorant self.
Maybe they didn't out of politeness to the other members of this BATFEce's family, or maybe they didn't have a clear shot that didn't also endanger bystanders.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

If he pulled the weapon before identifying himself, he could have and should have been shot by another legally armed citizen, because the scenario looked exactly like an armed assault and battery, robbery case with the victim already down with unknown injuries.

Informed42 said...

You read more and more about these BATFE assholes every day. They all think they're big fucking bad asses because they're Feds. They're legends in their own minds, and
that's about the only place.

They run around fucking up law abiding gun owners lives on technical bull shit charges, but they sure don't go after the real criminals because that's dangerous.

This phony agency of extortionists should be eliminated completely, and all the clowns like this shit head should be get real jobs !!

Anonymous said...

Yet another gummint employed psychopath. Go figure.

Josh said...

Perhaps he'll find employment with Lon Horiuchi?
Or mebbe atf will just promote him like they did several of the Waco agents?

Anonymous said...

Can you say, Out of Control? This Bozo has to be fired and spend some time in the hoosegow.

udaman said...

His lawyer said he be found innocent of all charges. More like swept under the rug.

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