Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meanwhile, closer to the headwaters of the Mississippi, "Black Lives (Don't) Matter" is struggling for notoriety.

Black Lives Matter plans protest to stop marathon runners

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Anonymous said...

Runners take their craft very seriously, as they spend eons training for races. Some of them, their lives depend on it - it is all they have. It is their profession. We already witnessed someone on their way to work snap off and drive through their blocking efforts. They curtailed their road blocking after that, especially main roads and highways.

If they think targeting these runners will give them more legal cover because vehicular traffic is already shut down down, they have another thing coming. The organizers are playing with fire on several fronts, legally. The run requires a permit to shut down the roadways. Permits are billed as a means to 'free' exercise of 'rights'. While there is a commerce angle here, the main situation blacklivesmatters faces here is the fact that this permitting is actually based on "public safety" as a matter of shutting down the roadway for ASSEMBLY purposes. Yup, that is correct, First Amendment invoked. THAT is the PREMISE of the permit process itself. BLM cannot possibly gain an assembly permit for this action, as one already exists for this exact location. Government has ZERO way out of enforcing it. And I am talking about in the moment. Here is why - They will be on the hook for the same thing if they do not. It is their JOB as part of the runs permit to secure the RIGHTS of those permitted the use.

BLM would face violating the rights of every runner, every sponsor, every advertiser. ANd they would lose any defense they trid to mount. Political correctness cannot bail them out of the political correctness nets of permitting their democrat buddies have created. Tangled web. Busted. Caught. Stuck.

This will not take place. The run will not be blocked. They have too much to lose. SO back to the drawing board, bitches.