Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Love Story: "Illegal Immigrant Accused of Gruesome Executions and Burning Corpses in Texas."

One of Jeb Bush's many "acts of love."
Meanwhile, back at the Bush campaign: Bush camp moves to ease donor angst -- Assessing the state of anxiety on a scale of one to 10, one donor puts the panic level at a 'six or seven.'


Sean said...

Where ever a Mexican goes, there is Mexico. About the only difference between the Mexican drug gangs and ISIS, is the language.

Anonymous said...

Jeb was never in this race to accomplish anything more than money laundering. Hillary? Same same.
The next pres/vice pres combination will be Cruz and Trump or Trump and Cruz.

The Senate controllers want Cruz out. Shipping him off to 1600 is a perfect solution, in their eyes. The idea is to stall him out and make his reelection near impossible. Enter Trump. The Wild Card. The Senate cannot withstand trump AND Cruz, regardless of order.
Soon, there will be a "shocking" shake up as all but three are out of the race. By Middle of March the choice will have already been made in the definite, publicly.

Anonymous said...

Yea and Bilderburg selects the winner for Potus. Trump will probably get wacked.Or threatened out of accepting the nomination.. I despise the political ,gangster class. Be it a local, state, or federal level.Behind enemy lines,Ct. I will never stand down .Nor comply. AAA/O.11B20.