Friday, September 18, 2015

"Enough is enough of business as usual! We must bring an end to white supremacy and the status quo." By disrupting a FOOTBALL game?!?

'Black Lives Matter' plans to shut down light rail before Vikings' home opener


Sedition said...

Run their asses over and use their guts and blood to grease the rails.

Anonymous said...

By all means, SHUT IT DOWN, and buses too, FOREVER


Guess who rides public transit?

They'll be locked away in their own hoods - what a delight! Can't walk - too damn fat or waistband at thigh level.

No BRER FOX, donchu be shuttin down dat city! Them white debbils be crazy bout dat fuball!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's TF 373 time

Anonymous said...

I hope they shut down the whole damned Twin Cities- and the liberal commie governor "deer in the headlights Dayton" is caught right in the middle and his security patrol is wiped out and not one honest citizen comes to their defense.

(Of course, you can tell I really don't like that guy, but that's another story.)

Oh, I hope "Congressman" Nolan, "Senators" Klobutcher and Frankenstein and that muzzie Ellofsen are with him.

(Oh, did I forget to mention I hate those mother-efers, too? Sorry, my bad. Ya, I live in Minnesota and am damned weary of the Godless baby killing liberal commie faggots living free in this once great state.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bridgewater won't be able to make the game and the Vikes might have a chance !

Anonymous said...

More Propaganda! 'Black Lives Matter' is a group run and financed by WHITE Ex-Nazi George Soros, Devoted entirely to Trying to increase the Police State...Not fight against it!

'Black Lives Matter' Tries to increase the Police State, under the guise of protesting the Rampant Police Brutality against both Blacks and Whites, by Trying to Co-Opt legitimate demonstrations against Police Brutality and turning them so violent, that White Middle America ( In theory at least ) will forget about the Militarization of American Police and get onboard more surrendering of our God Given Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

That's what this disrupting of the Football game is all about. Using the"Smoke Screen" of protesting against Police Brutality, these Protesters are in Actuality, Trying to get Decent,Law Abiding American Citizens ( Who would normally be against Police Brutality ) on the side of the Police, by harassing these fans at a Football game.

The Police State couldn't have better Friends than 'Black Lives Matter'...They are working together!

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps it's TF 373 time"

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

And I do mean YOU might get it- Possibly in your bed, perhaps in your own living room with your children as collateral damage, or maybe on the way to work.

Never give your government a tool that you wouldn't want used against you and your friends. Because eventually, it will be.

BTW, fuck the Vikings, their greed head owners and the new , butt ugly publicly funded stadium for a private business. And I DO live in MN

Josh said...

The soros crowd must be smiling at all this.