Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The collectivists want more tax money to feed the unconstitutional beast run amok.

Congress urged to boost ATF funds to fight gun trafficking


Anonymous said...

Yup, Destroyed from within!
Why fund the Biggest Strawman ?
This Federal Agency has proven it's Anti-Constitutional mentality..
Time and Time again!
They are a Organized Crime Agency, not stopping it but Engaging in it.
From top to bottom on All 3 Axis.

Defund them and Send them to Prison!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick to death of this idea that - first you blame the guns made in your city, to end guns made there. Then, when you drive them out of the city, claim it is guns from the rest of the state. Once the state is cleansed, they start bling other states! So what then? When every state is cleansed of gun manufacturing, they start on other countries?

Call this garbage out!!!! It matters not where guns are made or bought or sold or carried. The only thing that matters is individual criminal behavior. It is the person, the criminal, that is the problem. These lying pukes blaming guns and where they are made or sold have to be confronted directly.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer that works with Cuomo was shot in the head. I'm fuc*^&% heartbroken! Shame Cuomo wasn't there and he took the head-shot...NYPD has become such a bad joke they can't even do their own police work and need FEDs to hold their hand. The band should play Jerry Lewis's "Look at Us We're Walking" when they march in a parade. I think commissioner Bratton is close to hanging himself with all the bad publicity. Detroit, Chicago and California seem to be the first thought when Americans talk about "progressive" shit-holes. But NY is circling the toilet fast and making a play for first down the crapper. The only thing keeping it afloat is the Wall st. money

Anonymous said...

There is a leadership issue that has plagued this country from inking, that first paper with the founders names. What is the "ROOT" cause of crime? The balls to deal with criminals to warn/teach others eludes the public. The criminal just-us system is a "SELF FULFILLING FOR PROFIT SYSTEM", always has been, always will be. Until a mind set change takes place the criminal issue will keep getting worst as that is what keeps the game in play. Who profits you ask, think about all that are employed, mfg's products targeted towards, insurance against loss, repairs what is destroyed by them, and the list goes on an on. So tell me how many would be unemployed if you stop crime, the root issue is easy to cure, the after effects?