Friday, September 4, 2015

Gun control groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders, putting lives at risk

“This practice is exactly what they [Coalition to Stop Gun Violence] are doing,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for Virginia-based Gun Owners of America. “It’s one thing if someone is using a gun in an illegal or unlawful manner. No one is questioning that. But this clearly sounds like swatting.”
See also: In 2010, 38-year-old Erik Scott was shopping in a Las Vegas Costco while legally concealing a firearm. A Costco employee noticed the concealed gun and called the police to tell them there was a man with a gun inside the store. The store was evacuated once the police arrived and Erik Scott was executed in front of swarms of Costco customers. Scott, a Westpoint graduate, was a former Army officer. It’s a miracle that only one person was murdered as this unfolded.
When you introduce deadly force into a situation there is no telling what might result. People are on edge, people with deadly weapons are on edge — it’s a powder keg. These horrible gun-control monsters do not care how these situations might escalate — and escalate they will when the police are informed someone has a firearm and innocent people are “in danger” and they show up to control a potentially violent situation.
If any of these zealots call the cops on a law-abiding citizen and a deadly confrontation results, they should be named as an accessory to murder.


Chiu ChunLing said...

This kind of tactic illustrates the truly despicable cowardice of the anti-gunners. Rather than simply ask what people are doing, they immediately turn to overwhelming force in an attempt to ambush them. And not only do they deploy lethal force indiscriminately, but they use hired lackeys to do the dirty and dangerous work, refusing to even accept personal accountability for the grisly aftermath.

But it is pointless to speak of trying them for their crimes. We no longer have that luxury. When civilization collapses under the weight of those who, themselves unwilling to make any meaningful contribution to its defense, instead spitefully harass, abuse, and endanger those who do support the law, all that need or should be done is to leave them to the tender mercies of the anarchy they have unleashed.

Anonymous said...

This already happened in Beavercreek Ohio last year and it resulted in the deaths of two innocents. The anti-gunner who made the false 911 call and the two SWATazis who did the actual killing didn't face any charges, of course.

Informed42 said...

It's really unfortunate on multiple levels that the ball less wonders that are responsible for calling the cops and exaggerating the threats initially, never stick around or own up to any responsibility for the injuries and deaths they cause.
Chicken shits the lot, to say the least. Find them and hold them liable for their actions !!!

The cops are scared shitless too, and they're way too trigger happy because too many of them have zero common sense to begin with, hiring and training standards have been downgraded too much, and they all rush to judgement without observing anything or logically thinking it through before they pull the trigger on someone.

The third level to consider is the training or lack of it the dispatchers have. Are they just hired off the street or do they have any street experience at all. Are
they mentally capable of thinking and digesting what they're being told by callers,
or are they just following some outline of questions for the particular emergency being reported ??

In the particular case mentioned, the store employee must have been a real scared shit dumbbell to begin with. The initial way he reported the situation to 911 didn't warrant the dispatcher's actions or message to the cops responding.

If the dispatcher had asked the caller a couple of simple questions, the entire unfortunate incident may have been completely avoided. 1) Is the gun being brandished or is the man merely carrying it holstered ? 2) Is anyone being threatened or not ?

As the saying goes- You can't fix stupid !! And unfortunately, we have an over-abundance of stupid people in our country these days.

Anonymous said...

How long 'till the next Crib-Bombing over a Baggie of Pot?
Doug didn't make it to work today because....of his Political beliefs.
Those Smouldering Cars, Drone Struck, Blown to Bits along the Interstate? ...Unpaid Fines.
Sober but needing to Vomit is one of the weirdest feelings I've ever experienced.
Fuck You, Liberals, You've Poisoned this Good Life, along with Untold Millions of Others.

VonZorch said...

"If any of these zealots call the cops on a law-abiding citizen and a deadly confrontation results, they should be named as an accessory to murder."
It should be murder 1 with special circumstance..

Anonymous said...

That clerk should already be dead. What was the name?