Friday, September 4, 2015

A big step up from the old SKS. Fabryka Broni unveils full MSBS-5.56 rifle family.

Polish small arms manufacturer Fabryka Broni unveiled its entire Modular Small Arms System calibre 5.56 mm (MSBS-5.56) assault rifle family, currently on order for the Polish Armed Forces, for the first time at the MSPO defence exhibition in Kielce. Equipped with a quick-release barrel, the MSBS-5.56 is small arms system chambered in 5.56x45 mm with a unique feature: a common upper receiver for both classic and bullpup configurations.
MBV Note: And if they think about it, the Poles had better hang onto to those SKS rifles for their militia as well, for when the neo-Soviets come calling. Or, hey, they could sell 'em to us recalcitrant American firearm owners along with some cheap 7.62x39 military surplus to fund their new acquisitions. Sigh. Remember the good old days when SKS's were $69 a piece and Chinese steel core in tuna cans was pennies on the round? It scared the bejeezus outta the Clintonistas, I can tell you that.


Arkindole said...

Hasn't got the class of the SKS. Metro/euro puffery. Bet the replacements have more than one spring (not counting the bayo).

Anonymous said...

"The classic version also comes in a parade rifle variant designed for the Polish Honour Guard Battalion (Batalion Reprezentacyjny), equipped with a 18-inch barrel designed for blank cartridges and a strengthened fixed buttstock with a steel stock.

The rifle is to be a successor of Soviet SKS carbines in use since the 1960s."

That means that only ""parade rifle version"" is a successor of SKS, not whole MSBS family. Poland never had more than 150-200 SKS rifles and only in Honour Guard Battalion. Present Polish service assault rifle is Beryl, the best and most modern assault rifle from AK family in the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Jane's is on about. The poles have had two service rifles since the SKS, both the tantel and the beryl ak derivatives had served for a time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone ripped off the ACR design.