Friday, September 4, 2015

These guys need a new sheet of music. They're boring the rest of us.

("Man, this ain't no lullaby but it sure is boring.")
"Now the time (sic) to fight tooth and nail for stronger, more intelligent U.S. gun control."
My reply:
Don't look now, but despite your reflexive collectivism, the paradigm has shifted beneath your feet and made such tyrannical bleating moot. Let's start with "universal background checks" which is another way of saying "firearm owner registration." Not even King George the Third was so grasping and you may recall what happened to his ambitions.
Your demi-god of citizen disarmament Mike Bloomberg bought himself a background check law recently in the state of WA. What happened? He managed to provoke a movement of armed civil disobedience. A couple thousand WA firearm owners met on the steps of the state capitol (having been denied a permit, as if that was going to keep them away) in defiance of the state law, transferred firearms one to another and dared the state authorities to do anything about it. They did nothing. Then they held a "background check free" firearms expo in Yakima. Again the authorities did nothing. Indeed, the "authorities" there don't know whether to defecate or go blind. All Bloomberg can do is tear his hair and rend his expensive suits in frustration at the wastage of his millions.
The same thing is happening in neighboring OR, as well as in all the states that passed tyrannical laws in the wake of Sandy Hook -- NY, CT, MD and CO. Armed civil disobedients are flouting those laws with impunity, grimly determined, growling "We Will Not Comply." Again, the authorities, having passed a law, are at a loss to know how to enforce it upon hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of newly-created felons who refuse to act like criminals. So you want to take our armed civil disobedience movement and make it national? Cool. Thanks for the help in organizing. You obviously have never heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences.
To "stop gun violence" by provoking a bloody civil war seems an odd way to go about it, but then you collectivist proto-tyrants never did make much sense to the rest of us. So kindly stop bleating "disarm the law-abiding" every time some evil criminal murders an innocent. We will not surrender our essential liberty upon the altar of your alleged good intentions. Until you have the courage of your alleged convictions and use state-sponsored violence to work your will upon us, just do us the favor of shutting up. You're boring the rest of us.
Mike Vanderboegh, Pinson, AL


Anonymous said...

Eight dead IN ONE DAY in Chicago. Let's review - a person must first gain a FOID card in order to possess a firearm (owned or borrowed). This requires a application fee and approval process including a background check. Then, this FOID must be in hand to purchase a firearm - another background check happens at time of sale. That person must then wait 24 hours for long guns and 72 hours for handguns. Of course, the FOID is again required for ammo purchases and simple possession of ammo - even a single round of 22lr. Now, we haven't even addressed a carry permit yet. After you get that FOID, if it's allowed, then you have to pay for "training" courses sixteen hours of it. You just lost two days of work plus that hundred fifty to three hundred bucks. Of course get out some more Benjamin's for the state fee. Oh, you don't want to wait months and months months for THIS set of multiple background checks to happen? You only want to wait around one month? Ok, pay for and hand over your finger prints. Then, you might just get that permit.

Now, back to the over three hundred murders in Chicago this year and the eight single day deaths.....
Oh, and just how will ANOTHER background check provide anything beyond another fee and another infringement upon innocent people just trying to defend themselves?

Illinois HAS multiple background checks - ongoing background checks. What purpose are they serving? Why are they serving as a model for more background checks? Hell, in order to person to person used private sale, each person must log onto state police website and background check each other's FOID number. So all private sales are technically supposed to be logged through the state police!

Eight killings in one day. Over three hundred this year so far. Five hundred some each and every year - and that's just in the Chicago arena!

The background check canard is exposed in Chi-town. Yeah- the same place that saw the gangsters used to craft among the earliest gun control cuz the controllers said only by restrictions can the crime be handled. Uh huh. Chicago and Illinois together prove that gun control increases crime. Period. Undeniable.

As an aside - who wrote portions of the FOID and carry laws? Oh yeah - the NRA lobbyist himself. Imagine that.

Galaxie_Man said...

I have given up with reasoning with these fanatical idiots, and sending any more money to the NRA. They are as useless as the GOP in stopping any tyranny the libs want to pass.

Nope! I am more than happy to be in The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance, and am contemplating the next step....disregarding ALL firearms laws. Especially the one that makes me a felon (AGAIN!) by crossing state lines. We live in too dangerous a world for me to go about my travels unarmed, because I crossed an imaginary line. What...I crossed the state line and now might decide to commit a violent crime? Puh-lease! I still predict that a positive outcome of the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage will be automatic firearm reciprocity.