Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oregon ivory ban bill puts gun and knife owners in undefined legal danger

Bill author Haas could not define how you measure volume-based content on a gun (or on a piano), nor was a "legal" way for documenting an item predating 1976 specified. Again Haas deferred, saying that would be "up to law enforcement."


prambo said...

The stupid, it burns like willie-pete.

The "up to law enforcement" ploy is being used more and more. Fits the collectivist agenda well - "bad collars" and the botched "dynamic entries" that are sure to result, can be placed at the feet of "law enforcement".

The worst part, in the case of many such "laws", appears to be that "law enforcement" has no problem with assuming a ad hoc legislative function; "voting" is done with force and "grand juries" suck it right up with the rest of the swill.

Anonymous said...

They tried that here in Washington State too. Even the NRA sent out a blurb on it.


Anonymous said...

No different than con-gress passing laws they should know are unconstitutional and saying it's SCOTUS' job to make the determination.

As if they didn't swear their own oath to protect the Constitution.

Almost makes one pine for the clarity of thought of one Arnaul Amalric.

CzarChasmIII said...

In 1974 I began apprenticing with a Navajo silversmith, and scrimshaw was a huge part of his business. By 1976, maybe 14 - 18 months after I'd been on my own making a great living as a 21 year old punk, the government did its best to shut both me and my mentor down with the ivory ban. Since then I have known two people who have served federal prison time for using up ivory stock that they had in their possession before the ban went into effect.

It would appear that Oregon is well behind the times in usurping both the letter and spirit of the ivory ban law. It's been going on at the federal level since before the ink was dry.

Unclezip said...

The "law" has no teeth, and will fail the first court test, if it ever gets that far. Most Oregon Sheriffs will not support this. I'm not sure about the Commies in Portland, Bend, Salem, and Eugene, but the rest of the state will ignore this stupid attempt to do an end run.

Deadmeat99 said...

A nearly identical bill to ban ivory was just left for dead in the Nevada legislature. I'd love to get on the mailing list these Progressives use to coordinate their agenda across so many states.

Anonymous said...

The deflection of congress to the judiciary regarding constitutionality is a contrivance all its own - a wicked false premise.

WE the PEOPLE decide what is constitutional or not, via ALL our legislative representation AND direct votes all working together - it's called WHAT the CONSTITUTION actually SAYS!

Together, we ratified "regulate commerce among the several STATES". We DIDNT ratify "regulate commerce among the PEOPLE of the several states". We CERTAINLY never ratified delegating the authority to AMEND our Constitution via SCOTUS "rulings" - especially by blatantly adding words that are not there!!!

Make no mistake - our problems with governments, important as some seem to be, are not what most worry about. Ivory? Legal limbo? Blades? Gubmint may well have the authority to stop ivory shipped in from without but once an Anerican has it in his hands (and gubmint cannot demonstrate it knows where it came from when) it is none of gubmints concern who has in their possession a ivory handled ANYTHING.

So too must we be mindful of being endlessly tricked into focusing on ANYTHING other than where our focus must be to solve the real problems.

Let's face it. The vast majority of "control" governments exert is based on and "justified" by "interstate commerce". If we nail THAT lie to the wall, the clouding and ignoring of privileges and immunities is cleaned away. All of a sudden....gubmint finds itself back in the LIMITED department and we find ourselves back in the FREE arena.

Anonymous said...

Similar bills have been up for hearings in the states of RI and VT with in the past month.

More Bloomberg ....BS

"Crime is what you do, not what you own."

Anonymous said...

Not just Ivory, folks!