Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gun rights advocates can use social media to better influence political outcomes

“The establishment won with the minimum votes and maximum cover. And they're going to keep winning, because we will continue to issue the same tired, weak, harmless ‘Contact DiFi’ alerts when we could go cutting-edge tactical and focus on vulnerabilities.”

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Anonymous said...

The anti gunners have rich guys that sprinkle cash around to groups to dole out to trolls to post anti gun propaganda and senseless diversionary drivel.

The "supposed" pro gun lobby has rich guys who advocate poor folks send money TO the rich "non profits) that make the rich - claiming they will "stand and fight" for those foolish enough to send more "dues" and membership fees.

Quick - send out that "alert" so the Fudds send the emails to congress critters that they won't ever see!

See it yet, heads they win, tails we lose. And the whole time they are laughing their asses off....cuz fools and their money are soon parted.

There is only one way to end that pathetic circle jerk.
Stop sending money in and watch the anti gunners continue to trickle out their resources. While we can't do anything about that part of the propaganda circle jerk, WE CAN eliminate the tails we lose side.

Not another PENNY to the pro gun lobby folks - because they ARENT pro gun or pro rights!! They are ONLY "pro get you to hand over your cash".

Sometimes truth hurts. This is one of those times. Starve the beast and try this for a change. Exercise your rights - it doesn't cost a penny (when ya quit begging for permi$$ion).