Thursday, April 30, 2015

The latest from higher-than-a-mile state, presented here without comment.

Caldara's push for 30-round ammo magazine limit shot down by Republican legislators
The debate quickly turned personal as Caldara accused Brown of trying to hold up a 30-round limit in order to keep his supporters whipped up in a frenzy over Democratic gun-grabbers in order to juice fundraising. At one point, Caldara lieutenant David Kopel, a Second Amendment legal expert who filed a lawsuit against the mag ban, called Brown a “liar, a huckster and a hoax,” while Brown dubbed his foes “surrender monkeys.”


PO'd American said...

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but the 2nd Amendment is not up for further debate. "Shall Not Infringe."

Well Seasoned Fool said...

While I don't personally know the first two gentlemen, I do know Brown. The comment strikes me as quite accurate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice, friendly, free place to live.

Galaxie_Man said...

Hey Colorado state government; just repeal the stoopid magazine laws, or watch the good citizens of Colorado continue to nullify the law just like we do in Kommiecticut and NY.

Tyrants try to exercise their perceived power, but in the end they all lose.

Patiently waiting behind enemy lines in Kommiecticut for the day we will watch the tyrants dance the "Executioner's Jig" at the end of a stout rope.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, I'm supposed to beleive this is a win for gun owners like myself, still unable to buy standard capacity 20 round fal mags, still unable to buy standard capacity 30 round ak mags or 30 rnd ar15 mags. No wonder we have 50 years of incremental loses to the rabid anti gunners. They shoot big but are always willing to settle for less and move the ball forward to restrict our rights, whereas we would rather shoot down a medium size victory in flames becuase it's not the whole cake, then continue to suffer under a law that could continue forever or the next 20 years. Yeah, we really one that one, as we sit here with nothing. Smugly Mouthing shall not be infringed while having to live under it instead of grabbing up a small victory is for losers Mentally playing checkers instead of chess. And now becuase of this ideologically pure as the driven snow f¥€/tard who thinks killing this is a win coloradoan like me still can't buy standard magazines. Well f*€k him. At least I know exactly what to expect from the anti gun fanatics, never ending attempts to whittle away at my rights, but from my side I get what? Smug idiots who would rather protect an empty plate becuase they couldn't rest control of the entire cake from the antis and sit with no slice while telling me it better for me to starve than to have only a slice instead of the whole cake. F--N brilliant.