Friday, April 24, 2015

Never minimize the collectivist appetite for self-deception. “Background checks are more popular in the United States than baseball and kittens.”

Hillary’s White House bid energizes gun control supporters


Anonymous said...

Hey Fuddsters, NRA lifetime members, this article is about YOU TOO! While you try to defer and deflect and blame others, your "hunting" canard and even your magazine ban roots of 12 guage plug magazine ban birth support is coming home to roost.

Framed as "background check" some are fooled. Framed as "being allowed permission", well, not so much

We must combat the false premise crafted by the talking point called "background check"!! It's as fabricated and misleading as "assault rifle".

When THEY say "background checks" we simply MUST respond by slamming the idea of "PERMISSION SLIPS"!

When they say background checks for law abiding people is something unopposable, we must combat that with making them cite the Constitutional Authority to compel them! So then mr and mrs background check supporter, you ARE saying then that YOU directly admit that you would support and advocate government doing a background check on you and the allowing or disallowing permission for you to buy that Bible, Torah or Koran, RIGHT? You are saying that people must beg government for permission, must pass a background check, in order to saaayyyy be a member of the democrat or Republican Party, right!? Or looked at another way, that everyone wanting to NOT attend church Sunday must be compelled to gain that permission from government via this "background check".

We can EASILY defeat this dogma - especially the "fundraising" if we stand up to the propaganda piece talking point called "background checks". We START standing by REFUSING to let THEM frame the debate by REFUSING to say and write "background checks". We must stop conceding to false premise as we attempt to argue against this monster.

Anonymous said...

You know, they may be right. I'm not really fond of cats. I'm not really fond of baseball either. But I'm not trying to ban cats or baseball.

Either way, what is their point? Civil Rights in America are not subject to a popularity contest. Imagine for a moment the hoots if one of the states decided to re-institute slavery, mandate a poll tax, establish a state religion, or take away women's right to vote. They're all still trying to re-institute bans on abortion. Look how well that's going for them. (NOT!)

SCOTUS recently ruled that RKBA, as mentioned in, not granted by, the Second Amendment, is a Civil Right just like all the others and must be treated like all the others. That is an enormous rock dropped into the American pond, and the ripples have not yet reached all the corners of American jurisprudence. We're still sorting out the aftermath of emancipation of African Americans in this country 150 years after the fact. It will take a while for people like Hillary to get used to the idea that "shall not be infringed" means "shall not be infringed."

Hopefully none of them will have their own "John Brown" or "Fort Sumter" moment and decide to get all froggy in the meantime. But if they do:

"μολὼν λαβέ" -- Leonidas of Sparta

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that if "The Butcher of Benghazi" gets into the WH, we are finished. The criminality of Obama has done untold, incalcuable damage to this nation. And to be enslaved to at least 4 'more years of Facist/Socialism will erase all that is left of this great nation.
May God have Mercy on US all!!!

Anonymous said...

Feds to 'strong arm' cities into welcoming 'new Americans'

Anonymous said...

And Jeb Bush "warning" the NRA about Obama and Clinton..Boy, i feel better now.. and my answer to all their tyranny - "I will not comply"...

Anonymous said...

Where's my shirt Mike? =) I ordered it over a week ago. I was hoping to wear it to the gun show tomorrow or our meeting Sunday. Thank-you
-Brad from Ohio