Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My friend LTC Roger Charles, USMC, Ret'd, breaks an exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough. Meanwhile, I consider dropping in on the diseased bunch at Elohim City.

Go across this bridge, take a right down the dirt road on the other side and find the "hive of scum and villainy" where the OKC bombing was hatched.
I knew this was coming. You know, in a later post I will talk about my stop at Sequoyah's Cabin Historical Park in Sallisaw, Oklahoma yesterday. Well, if you go out of the parking lot there and turn right, proceeding down 101 through the Belfonte community you will come up on the Arthur and Gladys Baker Memorial Bridge over Lee Creek. Just before the bridge you'll see a dirt road on your left. Take that and you'll come to Elohim City, Oklahoma, where Andreas Carl Strassmeier, federal provocateur and OKC bombing conspirator was "security director" during the run-up to 19 April 1995. McVeigh, you may recall, phoned "Andy the German" just two days before the bombing. The Aryan Republican Army operated out of EC, as did the murderous Kehoe brothers and "Prophet of the Most High Yahweh Willie Ray Lampley, a loon that I once crossed swords with. In addition, the stinking remains of cop-killer Richard Wayne Snell are buried there in a grave of honor. Snell, who killed a pawn shop owner he mistakenly thought was Jewish (nobody ever said these guys were particularly bright) also killed a cop and was executed by the state of Arkansas on 19 April 1995. Before he went to Satan, he watched the reports of the OKC bombing on prison TV and laughed like hell. There is speculation that the bombing was moved up from 20 April (Hitler's birthday) to 19 April just to give Snell a nice send-off present. (EC is also where later FBI SAC of the OKC office, Thomas Kukor, used to go to sing in the choir in what he described as "community outreach.") Well, I took the opportunity and visited the perimeter of that nest of decades-old murder yesterday. I didn't stop at the gate and introduce myself but I did make a gesture or two. (Yeah, that was me, you pukes, in the red Dodge mini-van. I still remember 19 April 1995 and your complicity even if no one else does. Oh, and be sure to tell Mike Brescia I haven't forgotten his ass, either.)
Chase and Colton Smith. It would be simple truth to write this epitaph: "Innocents murdered by a criminal conspiracy emanating out of Elohim City."
Back when I was working with Glenn Wilburn (who lost two step-grandsons in bombing, Chase and Colton Smith) and J.D. Cash on the private investigation of the OKC bombing, we three swore an oath that one day, when the truth was out and all the conspirators at EC were jailed or dead, we would travel there and piss on Snell's grave. Well, both Glenn and J.D. are gone now, and with the successful FBI cover-up of the true circumstances of the bombing, I doubt that I'll ever be able to deliver on that promise either. And, equally unfortunately, I didn't have the time with a long drive ahead of me back to Alabama to drop in and say hello to the descendants of the mercifully dead FBI informant "Reverend" Robert Millar, who founded the place and is buried next to Snell. Hell, I'd piss on his grave too if I got the chance. But then again, never say never:
The attack on the Murrah Federal Building was said to be the work of Timothy McVeigh and two confederates, described as right-wing extremists with an anti-government agenda. McVeigh was executed by lethal injection and Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier were given prison sentences.
Now, however, major cracks have appeared in the federal government’s story—a story long considered by some victims’ families to be little more than a stonewall of mendacity and distortion. New revelations suggest that the government may be covering up prior interactions between intelligence services and the accused. In this way, Oklahoma City poses some of the same questions raised by 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing—other national security traumas where Washington has worked hard to block potentially devastating disclosures.
Probably the most significant new development is multiple confirmations of past allegations that a German intelligence operative with ties to one or more US agencies, Andreas Strassmeir, aka “Andy the German,” had a close and extensive relationship with McVeigh.
Based on 19 years of active investigation by this reporter—including hundreds of interviews, over two score field trips, and unique access to critical documents—information presented herein leads to a hugely important finding: the FBI was aware of the Strassmeir–McVeigh relationship and was monitoring McVeigh’s activities at a never-before-revealed level approaching “close surveillance.”
It will be interesting to see if these new revelations can reinvigorate the civil suit of the OKC survivors. Maybe I'll get a chance to piss on those graves for Glenn and J.D. yet.
My poster that the constitutional militia papered Philadelphia with that caused the FBI to finally arrest ARA terrorist and bank robber Mike Brescia.


Kenneth Bliss said...

That brings back some interesting memories. I hope you are doing well as can be, Mike.

-Ken Bliss

Allen said...

does anyone have copies of all the stuff SOF magazine has published over the years about all the strange things that have happened surrounding the OKC bombing?

they used to be on top of all this but they haven't done much for a while.

Anonymous said...

I cannot EVER condone the killing of innocent men, women, and children. God bless the innocents who died there. The desire for revenge is sometimes very strong, but killing innocents is always wrong. I have read extensively on the Oklahoma City bombing, and am not sure that the federal government was not intimately involved and responsible for part of the death and horror. I admit that I don't know all of the facts. But I also know that the OKC bombing, as horrific as it was, changed the way that the Clinton administration (and the federal government, at least up to now) deals with standoff situations such as the Branch Davidian debacle at Waco.Like the bombing of Hiroshima, which also killed many innocent people, ultimately ended up saving countless lives.

Anonymous said...

Bill and Hillary's Reichstag Fire. Period.

Anonymous said...

"What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?" -- Hillary Rodham Clinton

The fact of the matter is that with but few exceptions, Americans no longer hold their politicians accountable for anything.

Nothing came out of Ruby Ridge.

Nothing came out of Waco.

Nothing came out of Fast & Furious.

Nothing cam out of the shooting of Ken Ballew.

And I could go on and on, as could many of the people who frequent SSI.

What's going to come out of any re-opening of the OKC bombing?

Remember when the talk show hosts sent a guy down to the sidewalk to interview random passers-by? How many of them do you think could explain what happened in OKC?