Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You have got to be kidding me.

Army ROTC program allegedly pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event


Anonymous said...

A few issues Re: forced cross dressing & violation of the uniform regs...

1) It is hard to find large size heels. Did they all get steered to a transvestite shop? Can they write off a mandated uniform item like that off on taxes?

2) If so, does the local commander have an undisclosed interest in the source of these shoes?

3) Why has an IG investigation not been opened up on this whole sordid, tawdry mess?

4) That the local commander has not been sacked over this says all that needs to be said about big Army.

5) If a local commander can modify the uniform at will to this extent, what exactly will constitute being "out of uniform" in the future? Will formation begin to look like a bad Mardi Gras show?

and as a extra bonus...
6) if the Army can mandate (or coerce individuals by perceived/actual threat to their careers & livelihood)this sort of thing, what are the limits? They can coerce cross dressing to show solidarity with a cause, will they not stop until they get to showing solidarity for buggery? Will people who refuse to go along be fired, given bad reports, branded as bigots? Criminally charged under the UCMJ for failure to obey? How is this lawful??!!

The DoD has lost its mind and its way. The Russians and the Chinese are probably already tired of laughing at our self-inflicted stupidity. Bin Laden once spoke of people naturally choosing the strong horse over the weak horse. Strong horses do not wear heels in the world of combat.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask!

Don't tell!

I'm thinking this would be a sure fire way to weed out any with the true warrior spirit.

Jack Crabb said...

I always thought Army doggies were pussies. Now I have the pictures to prove it.

A Former Jarhead

Anonymous said...

A whole new meaning to good morning LADIES!