Friday, April 24, 2015

Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S. growth

Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years and eventually account for an astounding 82 percent of all population growth in America, according to new U.S. Census figures. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies that analyzed the statistics said that by 2023, one in seven U.S. residents will be an immigrant, rising to one in five by 2060 when the immigrant population totals 78 million.
And here's one of those stellar cases of future citizenship: Illegal Alien Charged With Four Counts of First-Degree Murder Wasn't Deported Thanks to Obama's DACA.


Anonymous said...

We'll spend the time and money to count them, but nobody can be bothered to stop them? Make no mistake, this is about wiping out western culture, and white folk in general. Will you wait til there is ANC-style necklacing going on before you admit that race and culture are at the center of all this?

Anonymous said...

This is about political power and creating the ability to wipe out that which you don't like or want and installing that which you do.

And the people and their constitution be damned.


After all who benefits from it? Who is it that creates the circumstances necessary to destroy and install the replacement form of government, you?

No, it's your politicians, appointed judges, the bureaucracy and the media. You had nothing to do with it. You showed up and voted but they did what they wanted with the power you gave them, in contravention of the constitution and bill of rights, upheld by their judges, implemented by their bureaucrats, and protected and promoted by their media.

This is imposed upon you by those who will enslave you and your children, to they and their children.