Thursday, April 23, 2015

More on Valdosta.

Hundreds of VSU students show support for American flag after controversial protest
Father of VSU protester tells son to turn himself in to authorities
In addition, I received this email advising of the details of the ride:
Subject: Ride to Valdosta Friday 24 April 2015
Plans are pretty well finalized regarding our ride to Valdosta. . .
Ride: Via I-75 (Times are estimated but should be close). We will ride 70-75 MPH staggered in the left lane. This is to avoid 18 wheelers. As we approach rolling pick-up exits, probably about 2-3 miles out, we will get into the right lane and slow down to 50 MPH. Riders in the back should put on flashers to warn trailing motorists that we are at 50 MPH. Joining riders are to be at exits and come down entrance ramps. If properly positioned, they should be able to see and hear us. (We are not stopping except at Exit 101 Pilot in Cordele for gas top off). Once riders join the group, we will then resume highway speeds and move back into the left lane. Then rear riders turn flashers off. Ride order, for group cohesiveness and safety, will be 2 wheelers, then trikes, then cages. I will have a sweep rider to help us with lane switching. Passing down hand signals will be critical with a large group on the interstate.
Stage 8:30 AM From south bound I-75, Exit 149, right on GA 49, to Waffle House on the right. Gas station (Flash Foods) are very close to the WH.
Ride Briefing 8:45 AM
KSU From Byron 9 AM SHARP
Rolling Pick Up Exit 112 (9:30 - 9:45 AM) Greg Royal
Gas stop for 15 minutes and Rodney's crew joining the ride Exit 101 Cordele Pilot (10:00 AM - 10:15 AM)
Rolling Pick Up Exit 62 (11:15 AM) Wild 1 Handy and his ALR crew
Exit 22 into Valdosta. (12 Noonish) Stage Check In at 3103 Ashley Street Valdosta (5 Points Mall)
Lunch somewhere and return to 3103 Ashley Street for KSU at 2:00 PM
While there: I understand that a large meeting was held where police went from hostile to accommodative. We plan to ride on the public streets and follow all traffic laws as we ride onto VSU campus. Wild1 and I between us will have approximately 50 flagline flags on our bikes if we have an opportunity to dismount and stand flag line(s). Not sure of that yet. USAF Vet and Heroine Michelle Manhart will be at staging but cannot ride onto VSU campus, as she would be arrested for trespassing.
We seek no trouble nor do we plan to break the law. Please make sure that your driver license, bike registration paperwork, insurance, Georgia Firearms License, and tags are current and up to date. We don’t want to give anyone an excuse to stop us and/or detain us. I encourage that those riding should keep “things” well concealed. I have no information that we should be concerned otherwise.
By the way, University Stooge President has announced his resignation effective July 1, 2015. No reason given. LOL
“Evil flourishes where good men do nothing”.


Anonymous said...

"she supports a constitutional amendment against flag desecration"

The American Flag is just a symbol, but it shouldn't be elevated to a level above freedom and liberty. Flag burning is speech at it's freest. Desecrating the flag in protest is exactly that behavior the 1st amendment protects as constitutional.


Joe said...

More details on the Valdosta University Pro-Flag Rally events April 24th :

Unknown said...

not legal to put on flashers while driving. not a proper use.

Anonymous said...

Same chick was rubbing her cootchie with the flag in her Playboy spread.

Informed42 said...

The Supreme Court ruled years ago that burning the flag or walking on it was legal. Freedom of expression.

A WW II friend of mine said he thought that was alright, much to my surprise.

Then he continued- And by the same token, if I take a 2 X 4 and knock their goddamn brains out with it as an expression of my opinion, that should be alright too.

Want to walk on a flag ? Want to burn a flag ? Don't like what it represents ? Fine.

Have the balls to earn that right for yourself, which none of them have done, or pack your bags and get out of the country !!

Nah. You haven't got the guts to do that either.

Bad Cyborg said...

Meh. Par for the course for leftists. Check out what they pulled at Arizona State to combat sexual harassment:

Joe said...

I-75 Southbound to Valdosta Motorcycle Vets from Central Georgia - Point of contact rider
for Friday, April 24th is:



Joe said...

Facebook Page:

VSU has cancelled all classes for today.

The Flag Rally is all systems go, permits have been approved.

Police are expecting upwards of 4000 people.

Expect lots of police - including plainclothes undercover officers,
FBI, GBI, and Georgia State Patrol.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"Flag burning is speech at it's freest. Desecrating the flag in protest is exactly that behavior the 1st amendment protects as constitutional."

Fair point, but that only means that the government can't do anything in the form of prior restraint. It doesn't mean that an act of speech won't come with consequences after the fact - from the government (for example, inciting a riot), or from the listeners (start droppint N-bombs at a #blacklivesmatter rally and see what happens, for example).