Saturday, April 25, 2015

Collectivist "Lebensraum." Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart advocates resettlement of firearm owners.

"In fact, I’d feel safer if those folks were obliged by law to join a well-regulated state militia or of (sic) they just moved somewhere else, such as like-minded Texas."
Courant cartoonist takes personal hatred, frustration out on gun owners
I once got my daughter Zoe in trouble at school when she answered the social studies teacher's question, "What is the difference between socialism and communism?" A socialist she explained (as she had learned at her daddy's knee), was a communist who had not yet found his AK-47 or the will to use it, and a communist was a socialist who had found his AK-47 and would kill you with it. (I told this story to an Oath Keeper's meeting in New York.)
Likewise, a fascist is a national socialist who has not yet worked out how to make the east-bound trains to the camps run on time, or the guts to load them. However, as we see from the above, a latter-day Julius Streicher is now advocating forced resettlement of firearm owners to make his state safer for collectivism.
You know, we've seen this movie before. We know how it ends. Englehart evidently doesn't. Perhaps he should check with Julius Streicher. Of course he would have to go to Hell to do it.
Julius Streicher, Hitler's favorite "journalist" and propagandist, after dancing the executioner's jig at Nuremberg in 1946.


Anonymous said...

yes you did give that anecdote in NY as my hubby and I were in attendance that day...These lame-stream media types know where their bread is buttered and know how to cozy up to the oligarchs. But time after time they forget what happens when the People grab the pitchforks and storm the castle. Many of them even talk tough, when they've never even been punched in the nose. Now that is living in "virtual reality"!

Arkindole said...

That is the problem with cognitive elitists such as Englehart...they actually believe the elite part that they've grow up with and been told so much about.

Anonymous said...

Re-settling gun enthusiasts in Texas may not be such a bad idea, as long as they bring their guns, ammo, expertise and tax base with them. Places like Connecticut will fold rather quickly with the loss of all the gun enthusiast tax money. Yeh, we'll take all those gun toting Americans, then we'll secede and stop financing liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Say when Bob.

Anonymous said...

I got a look at those collectivist commie gun grabbing pinko fags who work for the Hartford Courant. While @ a debate between Sodamite Mike Red KGB Lawlor and a representative from a local gun manufacturer. At the Mark Twain Museum, Hartford Ct. Practically genuflecting to the so - called Rhodes Scholar. Sadly to bad good old Mike. Didn't stay in East Germany and Hungary where he belongs. They are an abomination to God and man. Let me tell you they would run away from a fist fight. Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional, Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Comply ,Nor Stand Down. AAA/O/ 11B20.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"That is the problem with cognitive elitists such as Englehart...they actually believe the elite part that they've grow up with and been told so much about."

They keep proving themselves right about being "The Elite," and no one's proving them wrong. People seem to be largely going along with it. Sure, there's rumblings among the discontented peasantry, but no real pushback.

Anonymous said...

"... they just moved somewhere else, such as like-minded Texas."

Hmm.... Aren't these pretty much the same batch that barbecued Romney for his "self deportation" remarks?

Galaxie_Man said...

Englehart will be just one more of the traitor's minions that will call out, "God, help me!!!" the instant before the noose snaps his c-1/c-2 vertebrae.

What an uniformed piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the statement you quoted does not clearly advocate for forced resettlement. The author just says it would be nice if they relocated. I would assume it would be nice if the gun nuts just left on their own will. It is not clear if he is advocating voluntary vice involuntary resettlement.