Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Novelist’s violent wishes exemplify ‘progressive’ paradox on guns and more

That “progressives” condemn racist police violence and then do everything in their political power to ensure cops are the “only ones” keeping and bearing arms is a paradox none of the proponents seem capable of even admitting, let alone explaining. Likewise, that they are the ones against a woman’s right to choose to protect herself with a gun points to another disconnect. That they further represent themselves as populists yet vehemently oppose true egalitarian power sharing is yet another irreconcilable inconsistency.


Anonymous said...

The left has nothing but lies to sell but in order to sell those lies, they often murder the truth.

Oh yeah, they also hurt and murder people as a sales technique.

Anonymous said...

the scary part is there exists idiots who believe them..

Anonymous said...

I wonder how a psychologist would diagnose people like this, if it was done honestly?

Disorders, anyone?