Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Praxis: A couple of potentially useful, even vital, tools.

Courtesy of a chance encounter with a devoted reader at the NRA annual meeting, I received an example of the Choate Car Rescue Tool in the mail the other day. This seems to me to be extremely well designed and made and something that ought to be in the driver's side door pocket or attached to the visor of every vehicle. Seatbelt slasher, window puncher, ice scraper and Phillips head screw driver, it also makes a darn fine improvised fighting tool. I have long been impressed with the quality of Choate rifle stocks, owning three of them. I am going to be trying out one of these on my Polytech M14S "China Doll."
Also, I own three of these Choate Executive Letter Openers:
From the description:
Made of exotic fiberglass filled plastic. These letter openers can be driven through 1/2 inch plywood with minimal damage, needing only to be resharpened. Measure 1 3/16 inch wide, 7 3/4 inch long and blade length of 4 1/2 inch.Weight only 2 ounces. These letter openers can be carried under a watch band, in a sock, shirt or jacket. It can also be worn on a lightweight cotton string around the neck or taped anywhere on the body.
A useful tool in our increasingly metal detector-filled world. I can conceive of several uses for such a tool opening up regime "letters" in the future world they hypothesize for us.


Steve Miller said...

Others will probably chime in on this: SOG knives have a slice out of the handle that exposes the blade in such a way that it makes it very very handy to cut a seatbelt with. I'm sure other knife manufactures have similar features.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
You want Knives for emergency egress? We Got 'em! Skydivers have been hep to this stuff for eons only nobody noticed because they thought we were all "KrazY! Well, being a "Skydiver" and getting into lots of HighSpeed Hairy situations most involving lots of "Nylon" ya' might have to get good at becoming a "Slasher" and what better tools (sorry about the run-on sentence) but check out the knives they will do the "JOB!!" Ask any "CReW Geek" that's been in a "Wrap!!"
Blue Skies Black Death,
Got Knives??,
PS, Hey Ray!! Here's a good "Praxis' for ya!!'

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Part of my post got obliterated somehow!! The place to check out these Knives is the 2015, 2016 "Para Gear" Catalog #79!! www.paragear.com . They start on page 78! Enjoy!!

Allen said...

I have a few dozen of the Cold Steel Delta Darts I got about 10 years ago...smoky mountain knife works made a typo on their catalog that had them at 99 cents, and I got mine before they had a chance to correct it. they're well-made, but a good strong pen could do almost everything they can do, and be more "socially acceptable".

Anonymous said...

That seat belt cutter looks quite a bit like the SRT1 Survival Rescue Tool sold way back in 1990s and earlier. I think it was discontinued because authorities thought it made a wicked set of brass knuckles. I'd act fast if you want to move on the Choate is all I'm saying.