Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Running With the Predators

Huge blazes rip through Baltimore as Freddie Gray rioters torch buildings including a nursing home, loot stores and attack police, injuring fifteen officers, as violence rages into the night.
Kumbaya: #FreddieGray protest brings together Crips, Bloods and the Nation of Islam.
This article goes a long way to explaining the "analysis" on CNN and MSNBC: Liberal elites continue to condemn law enforcement and excuse inner-city crime.


Anonymous said...

Coming to a city near you soon!

Anonymous said...

Time and time again, the rioters burn down and loot their own neighborhoods, with many businesses owned by minority members.

Here is "domestic terrorism" at its worst being practiced less than an hour's drive from DC.

And the collectivist mainstream media believes law abiding firearms owners are a danger to society?

The alphabet agencies must be soiling themselves over their inability to control hoodlums with no centralized direction.

Anonymous said...

I condemn the criminal element among both and excuse neither.

Let me know when the majorities of both entities uphold and adhere to the Constitution.....cuz right now, the truth is so very few actually hold that line.